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英文作文 急~急~急~

題目是 「神麼樣的職業能和你的興趣結合」



所以第一段是寫 畫畫以後有神麼路可以走

第二段 寫 統計系畢業是否能與自己的興趣一同成為職業

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  • chen
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    9 年前

    題目是 「神麼樣的職業能和你的興趣結合」

    我的興趣是畫畫 而我是應用統計的學生

    Different people have different hobbies, the young for me

    felt like stamps-collecting, reading-extra books,

    however, I am now the drawings which is best. Speaking of drawings, it's of great advantage for me that

    it’ll increase the wisdom, excite emotion,

    and my life beautifully.

    I studied the Application Statistics in school.

    After graduating,I’ll be got the experince on the drawings

    . and learnt the application statistics

    . that both are to be merged together ,

    such as, theobservation system to collect data for analysis,

    . but the inference and prediction, I hope this is for me

    Due to the facts, one of planning national economy is tourisum,

    . there are hundreds and thousands peoplecoming to Taiwan ,

    . they'll be not only to visite lot’s famous places

    . and tolook at some sightseeings

    . but also enjoy, appreciate the drawings-arts around Taiwan.

    If I could be able enough to express my ability

    . about such a art.

    I might be to achive my hobby and be happy in my life

    不同的人 有不同的愛好, 我覺得自己年輕時是郵票, 閱讀課外書,

    . 不過現在是繪畫我最愛, 繪畫它的很大優點就是增加智慧

    . 起發情感, 美化我的人生.



    收集所觀察系統的數據 ,進行分析、,而進行推斷和預測

    . 將把它融 合在一起,我希望這是有利的。

    由於國家經濟發展之一是旅遊, 視必成千上萬遊客來台,

    . 他們將不僅是參觀很多著名的地方, 逛逛一陣子,

    . 定會享受,欣賞台灣各地繪畫藝術.


    我可達到我的愛好, 和快樂的人生. 。


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