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What's wrong with these young

Does any one tell me what really happen?

and my impression about London was ruined by these young londoners

i cant believe it, riot really happened in London.

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  • PONY
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    I’d like to roughly summarize what happened to the riots in London as follows for your reference. (本人願大略摘要該暴動的遠、近因如下供參考)The most probable cause could be young people, especially colored immigrants, have long complained that they have little prospect of finding a job in the current economic climate. (由於歐洲及英國經濟蕭條,許多青年人,特別是移居英國的有色人種,長久以來不滿在地就業困難以致生活陷入窘境,很可能是本次倫敦暴動事件的主因)And, the death of father-of-four Mark Duggan on August 7th coincidentally sparked the initial riots in Tottenham area of London and rumors spreading 'like wildfire' on the internet are thought to have fuelled further unrest in other parts of the capital. People said Mark Duggan may not have been using gun before he was shot dead by officers. (八月七日晚間,也是有色人種 的Mark Duggan意外地被英方警察槍殺,該事件的謠言在網路上快速傳開,更是使得原本胸懷不滿、蠢蠢欲動的青年,無疑是火上加油,終致演變成數日倫敦街頭的暴動)As of August 10, the unrest in London has been calmed. However, the riots are extending to other cities in Britain . (截至本月十日在動員16,000人警力後,倫敦的動亂已平息,但其它大都市又開始不平靜。)Yet their voices have been drowned out amid the condemnation of the looting.The reaction on social networking sites has been almost universal: Britons say poverty is no excuse for violence. (原本該批青年人對景氣蕭條無法獲得生活保障的訴求,早已淹沒在倫敦市民大眾或網路社羣對他們發生暴動的譴責,套句英國人的說法:貧窮不能當成暴力的藉口)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023543/Ma...

    參考資料: I watch CNN every day
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  • 匿名使用者
    9 年前

    It happened because a bunch of spoiled little kids think it's a good idea to do whatever they want and won't get caught.

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  • 9 年前

    "CAN" any one tell me what really happen?

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