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everyone i knew disappeared跟everyone i know disappeared有什麼分別今天看電影時看到的

i know him跟i knew him 有什麼差別?我知道一個是過去式一個是現在式


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  • 老登
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    9 年前

    Everyone I know disappeared.與 Everyone I knew disappered.

    差別只是在動詞時態. know 是現在認識的人, knew 是過去認識的人

    可是就像 I know him 與 I knew him 是矛盾的,


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    We don't have these kinds of questions in Chinese. That's why they don't understand it. Just teach them.

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    Yea! But it has to be in a sentence completed.

    Check the P's Q.

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  •  Another situation in which the former expression, "I knew," might be used:



    "I used to love you and cared for you, and I knew you well, but now, you've just turned into a person with no affection for anyone. I don't even think I know you anymore."

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  • chen
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    9 年前

    老登; [+1]

    good job

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  • 9 年前

    The latter could be said by the last person on Earth and the person who knows only dead/disappeared people.

    The concept of time, indeed, is very hard to comprehend.

    Probably, only Dr. Who can give some clues.

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    Understood and agree.

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