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Dear Nga Ting:

Thanks for your prompt reply. I just got back from HK yesterday for a brief stay (1 week). Actually my first visit was 2 months ago. Though only stayed for 3 days but I was so impressed by how internationalization HK is and couldn`t help but visiting her again.

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About the workers from Indonesia and Phillipine you mentioned, it seems that HK government is having a lawsuit about their legitimate right of staying in HK because of some Phillipine female workers fighting for their rights aiainst to HK court. (I can only guess some of the Cantonese they said..)

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I`m Vegetarian and I thought it might be difficult for me to find places to eat in HK, but fortunately I searched OpenRice website beforehand and found some good restaurants. Some veggie food really amazed me because I never had eaten such yummy veggie food so far! It was really good.

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    Dear Express,

    Good evening! It's really an interesting question also remind me about the topic of multi-culture, which we used to know from our childhood (i.e. we had the history of colonization!). It's popular to find various minorities especially in certain different areas not only in TST, for example: we can found when Japanese mirgate to HK, some of them love to live & stay in a district call " Tai-koo-shing" (near Shau-kee-wan, HK side); then one of my friend told me that their district (Yuen-long) had so many business group by Pakistan. We can found lot & lot restaurant with really traditional thailand-foods which is made by the thail-people in a district call "Kowloon-city". Then whenever you go out in a public-holiday or sunday, which is the regular dayoff of thousands workers mainly from Indonesia & Phlippines, Central, parks, even local flyover like Mongkok, they stay on the ground with their mate & start their picnic whole-day long until sunset ! It's the unique place we know & live ! Wish u find the sharing inspire u to know more about one of the culture here ! Blessing from one of a Hong-kong lady ^^!

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