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同原樣開模 英文

如題, 客戶寄樣品來. 用商英書信回, "同寄來的產品開新模"

we can make new mold and product same as yours

這樣寫會怪怪的嗎? 還是有比較好的句子....感恩...

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  • Oreo
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    9 年前

    Dear XXX (customer's name),

    We can make a new mold based on the sample you sent us.

    Thanks for your business.


    XXXX (your name)

    If this is a new customer, you might want to add more lines to confirm the dimension and specifications about the mold. THe followings are the examples.

    After we finish the design of new mold, we will send you the drawing (sketch) for confirmation. Please send us back your confirmation and we can stat the process of making new mold.

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    Please send back your confirmation and we can start the process of making new mold.

    參考資料: me
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    Dear XXX(對方名字),

    Thank you for your confirmation.

    We will make the new mold as you confirmed to us as soon as possible for you.(或者你可以寫說確定的時間點,因為像我們公司以前開模大概都2~3個禮拜左右)

    Best regards,


    參考資料: 當過國外業務的我