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    9 年前


    這首歌是超好聽的Red Fraction-Mell


    I have a big gun 我擁有一把(威力)無比的手槍I took it from mu lord 這是上天賦予我的Sick with justice 正義令我感到厭惡I just wanna feel you 我只想感受你(的存在) I\'m your angel 我與你形影不離,(因為)我是你的天使Only a ring awayYou make me violate you 褻瀆你,是你自找的No matter who you are 不管你是何方神圣 It\'s all up to you 這里由你做主,(世上)沒有永生的人No one lives forever Been bum in the hell 被地獄之火灼傷By all those pigs out there (就因為)那些(只會)圍觀的膽小之輩 It\'s always been hell 自我出生以來,就一直(生活在)地獄中From when I was bom They make me violate them 褻瀆他們,是他們自找的No matter who they are 不管他們是何方神圣 Get down on your knees (給我)跪下來Get a qood head on your shoulders (給我)放聰明些!If it\'s for your quys 如果這是為了你們 Go to the end of the earth 走到世界的盡頭Do what you think (我只是)做我想做的事情(而已)Give it with dedication (我會)全力以赴I\'ll put out your misery 我會消除你的痛苦 Have no prayer(我再)不向神求助So, I keep the gun with me 所以,我和手槍寸步不離 For my safety 為了生存,我絕不會猶豫I\'ll do it with no sweat They mean business 他們不是隨便說說的No time for sissy pig 沒有時間給(那些)膽小之輩 Queen of ocean 海洋的女神Sing \"the Volga\" to you 為你演唱“伏爾加河”之歌 No need to think about it 不必去想You do it or you die 殺與被殺二擇其一 Those aren\'t tears 那不是眼淚Don\'t let it trick on you 不要被那詭計所欺騙I am hard as steel 我猶如鋼鐵般堅強Get out of my way 不要擋著我的去路 Pay back all at once(我會)立刻還擊Suck away the tender part 收起(你那)偽善的嘴臉 You made amess 你弄的一團糟For Christ sake, this rotten world 看在老天面上,(在)這個腐敗的世界Shit out of luck(當你)沒有了存在的價值Go with my vision 跟隨我的視線Light up the fire 點燃火焰,讓它盡情燃燒Right on the powerWeapon... I have it all 武器...這就是我的全部

    2011-08-18 00:47:16 補充:

    Get down on your knees(給我)跪下來

    Get a good head on your shoulders(給我)放聰明些!

    If it\\'s for your guys 如果這是為了你們

    Go to the end of the earth 就走到世界的盡頭

    Do what you think(我只是)做我想做的事情(而已)

    Give it with dedication(我會)全力以赴

    I\\'ll put out your misery 我會消除你的痛苦

    You made a mess 你弄的一團糟

    2011-08-18 00:47:58 補充:

    For Christ sake, this rotten world 看在老天面上,(在)這個腐敗的世界

    Shit out of luck(當你)沒有了存在的價值

    Go with my vision跟隨我的視線

    Light up the fire 點燃火焰,讓它盡情燃燒

    Right on the power

    Weapon... I have it all 武器...這就是我的全部

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