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on 的用法???

想請教知道此問題ㄉ各位大大....為什麼I am on an apple farm with my family...要用on而不是用in呢?感恩..功德無量

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  • PONY
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    經本人分析過American Corpus資料語庫近五千筆相關資料,外加實際探訪三家美國蘋果農場網站,願分享心得如下: 正如本人向來敬重的Louis大師所回答的: on a farm的確是個慣用語,指「在一個農場」,最常和它連用的配置動詞 (劃底線處),請詳下列例句。也可看歸納出,涉及某人「出生、成長、長期居住、工作等」,「在一個農場」時,就用此片語: Mike was born and raised on a farm.He grew up on a farm.His family lived on a farm south of this town.He had not interest in working on a farm. 但,個人從分析結果發現:如果是某事「臨時、偶而」發生「在一個農場」這個地點時,或某人「偶而」造訪,就甚少用on a farm,而會改用 at a farm如下例: I’m going to spend several weeks at the farm this summer.They spent part of their winter at a farm.Some sort of bird flu was found at a farm in xxxx County .We’re going to have a summer workshop at a farm. 所以,以版主原句是屬後者性質居多,因此會建議改用at a farm而成I am at an applefarm with my family. ( 而非 on 或in) 為了進一步證明在「偶而造訪」的情境下,就不適用平常和to live/work/grow up on a farm,而要改用at a farm,最好的證明就是,實際造訪下列三家在美國不同的apple farm,看看他們對旅客造訪時,究竟是如何使用的。終究,他們是真正的蘋果農場主人,會比教室裏的老師們 (照平常一般瞭解出題)或五穀不分書生們 (包括敝人在下我) 更瞭解該如何講到他們自己的apple farm: 1. Special: $199 per night, plus taxEnjoy the lazy days of summer at the Apple Farm with this special. Stroll through our gardens, splash in our pool, or sip delicious cider.


    GatheringsThe Apple Farm is a beautiful setting for your family gathering, milestone birthday party, or wedding. You can have the farm to yourself. With as much or as little involvement from us as you desire, your stay can include classes and/or catering.We can help you find good music, photographers, bakers, and other professionals that might be of help.Call Karen at 707 895 2333 if you are interested in holding your event at the Apple Farm.


    10月 22日 (週六), 10:00 – 17:00地點 Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Princeton, MA 說明 See us at the farm or come to Wachusett Mountain's Celticfest Weekend! Enjoy traditional Irish music, food and dancing at the mountain! Sponsored in part by Red Apple Farm.


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  • rhody
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    9 年前


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  • Louis
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    9 年前

    網頁上的例句: She grew up on a dairy farm.

    ... work on a farm (在農場工作)

    p.502 farm<遠東新世紀英漢辭典>

    英文裡有些名詞與介系詞的搭配較特殊,farm, ground, 和campus等,屬於這類,需要用on。

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