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黃昱璇 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


清晨農夫爸爸帶著小兒子去田裡工作小孩去河邊 看到水中有好多小魚便用紙杯去撈,並想著今晚可以加菜了 撈到了之後很開心的去給爸爸看農夫看到水杯裡的小魚無助的在水中游來游去便帶著小孩來到河邊對著小孩說:『孩子啊,如果有一天,爸爸出門去工作了你一個人在家裡,突然有奇怪的人來把你抓走了,你會害怕嗎?』小孩立刻告訴農夫說:『好可怕喔,爸爸你要保護我,不要讓怪物把我抓走。』爸爸笑著抱著小孩說『爸爸一定會保護你,但同樣的,你再看看水杯裡的小魚他是不是也和被抓走的小孩一樣害怕呢?』小孩低頭看著水杯 小孩豪不猶豫的將小魚放回水裡小魚的家人們馬上來迎接牠小孩跟農夫和小魚兒們揮手告別在回家的路上 小孩靠向爸爸說:『我以後一定要好好愛護小動物們,再也不要傷害牠們了我要和牠們當好朋友












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  • 匿名使用者
    9 年前

    The early morning

    Farmer father with son to fields

    Children in the water to the River seen having a lot of small fish

    Paper cups to go fishing and thinking can be added to dishes up tonight

    Knighthood after a lot of fun for Dad

    Farmers see the small fish in a glass of water does not help in the water to


    And brought the children came to the River

    Into children: "believe, if Dad has worked out

    You feel at home, a strange man suddenly to put you away, do you fear? 』

    Children immediately tells the farmer said: "it was terrible Oh, dad you want to

    protect me, don't let the monster captured me. 』

    Dad smiled and held the boy says

    "My father will protect you, but again, if you look at small fish in a glass

    He also seized a child afraid? 』

    Child looking down on drinking glasses

    Child Tag Heuer fish should not hesitate to put back in the

    Small fish of the family come to meet them

    Children with the farmer and the small fish who waved goodbye

    On the way home

    Children to the father said: "I'll be sure to take good care of small animals,

    never hurt them

    I tried to make them as a good friend.



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  • 9 年前

    是小書繪本的嗎?...你真聰明 :)


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  • 9 年前


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  • 9 年前

    Early morning

    Son to father a farmer working in the fields with

    Children have a lot of water to the river to see small fish

    Qulao will use paper cups, and thinking of food to eat tonight

    Groan after my father very happy to go to see

    Glass in the fish farmer to see the helpless in the water swimming

    So she took children to the river

    Against children, said: "My child, ah, if one day, my father went out to work

    You are a person at home, suddenly a strange man to put you captured, you scared? "

    Child immediately told the farmer said: "The awful Oh, you have to protect my father, do not let the monster me arrested. "

    Dad smiled and said, holding the child

    "Daddy will protect you, but again, you look at the glass in the fish

    He is also a child and was arrested the same fear? "

    Child looked down at the glass

    Ho will not hesitate children back into the water and fish

    Fish's family to meet it immediately

    Children with farmers and small fish waving goodbye

    On the way home

    Children toward their father said: "I'll have to take care of small animals and could not hurt them anymore

    I want them as friends



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  • Stanza
    Lv 7
    9 年前



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