才知道TY是Thank you

OIC=Oh I See



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  • 9 年前

    這個夠齊全了吧? 121: one to one ADN: any day now AFAIK: as far as I know AFK: away from keyboard A/S/L: age, sex, location (or just "ASL") ASAP: as soon as possible B4: before B4N: bye for now BBL: be back later BF: boyfriend or best friend BFF: best friends forever BFFL: Best Friends For Life BFN: bye for now BNR: but not really BRB: be right back BRT: be right there BTW: by the way CU: see you CUL: see you later CYA: see you (later) / cover your A** CYO: see you online DW: dont worry FML: F*** My Life, FTW: f*** the world or For The World FWIW: for what it's worth FYI: for your information G2G or GTG: got to go GA: go ahead GF: girlfriend GFN: gone for now GFY: go f*** yourself/good for you GMBO: giggling my butt off GMTA: great minds think alike GSOH: good sense of humor GTFO: get the f*** out GTG or G2G: got to go or get together H2G: have to go HAGN: have a good night IAC: in any case IAWTC: I agree with this comment IC: I see IDC:I don't care IDK: I don't know IIRC: If I recall correctly ILU: I love you IMO: in my opinion; or "IMHO" - in my humble/honest opinion IMS: If memory serves IOW: in other words IPN: I'm posting naked IRL: in real life IWSN: I want sex now JC: just chilling KFY: kiss for you KIT: Keep in touch KTHX: Okay, thanks. JK: just kidding / joking; JSUK: just so you know L8R: later LAFFO: laughing out loud LLTA: lots and lots of thunderous applause LMIRL: let's meet in real life LMAO: laughing my a** off LMFAO: laughing my f*** a** off LMK: Let Me Know LOL: laughing out loud LQTS: laughing quietly to self LTNS:long time no see MML: making me laugh MorF; M/F: Male or female?

    NFI: no f***ing idea NFW: no f***ing way NIFOC: naked in front of computer NSFW: not safe for work NP: no problem NVM: nevermind NM: not much, nothing much, never mind OIC: oh I see OMG: oh my God OLL: online love OMW: on my way OTOH: on the other hand OTW: on the way


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    PCM: Please call me

    PIR: parent in room

    POS: parent over shoulder / Piece of S***

    PLZ: please

    ROFL: rolling on floor laughing

    SOMY: sick of me yet?

    SorG: straight or gay

    SOT: short of time

    STFU: shut the **** up

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    TBH : to be honest

    THX: thanks

    TIA: thanks in advance

    TMI: too much information

    TTFN: ta-ta for now

    TTYL: talk to you later

    TTYS: talk to you soon

    TY: thank you

    U/C: under construction

    UW: you're welcome

    WAYT: what are you thinking?

    WB: welcome back

    WDYT: what do you think

    2011-09-01 15:47:54 補充:

    WIBNI: wouldn't it be nice if

    WIP: work in progress

    WTGP: want to go private?

    WTG: way to go

    WTF: what the f*** or Way too funny

    WTH: what the heck, or what the he**

    WUIP: wind up in progress

    WUBU2: what you been up to

    WUD: what you doing

    WUU2: what you up to


    YW: you're welcome

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    參考資料: *Infinito - 無極* + 網搜
  • 9 年前

    LOL = Laugh out loud

    Lmao = Laughing my a** off (lmao的意思跟lol差不多, 但是感覺比較深, 也比較粗俗一點)

    btw = by the way

    brb = be right back

    ttyl = talk to you later

    OMG = oh my God / oh my gosh

    BFF = Best Friend(s) Forever

    BF = best friend / boyfriend

    GF = girlfriend

    ASPS = as soon as possible

    B4 = before

    BC/becuz = because

    cuz = because / cause

    U2 = you too

    imma = I am going to (之類的意思)

    sry = sorry

    BD / B-day = birthday

    TPO = Time, Place, Occasion





    U = you

    2 = to

    4 = for

    Y = why

    luv = love

    rite = right

    4ever = forever

    abt = about

    nite = good night


    希望有幫助 :))

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