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她趾高氣昂的在客戶面前對我們訓斥==>一群草莓族。 我心中暗忄寸, 曾幾何時, 這個被台灣視為不堪一擊的標記居然會烙印在我們的身上? 是我們過於嬌慣 ? 還是我們的抗壓性不足, 如果都不是的話,那就是我們的對手過於強悍 ! 謝謝

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    (Unlike Prisoner, I find it easier to create words for myself. You just have to be bold sometimes.) 為了翻譯您的版本,在下還得創造新字Strawberrians 草莓族。估計若被採用,明年就進韋伯字典了J 她趾高氣昂的在客戶面前對我們訓斥 ==>一群草莓族。 我心中暗忖, 曾幾何時, 這個被台灣視為不堪一擊的標記居然會烙印在我們的身上? 是我們過於嬌慣 ? 還是我們的抗壓性不足, 如果都不是的話,那就是我們的對手過於強悍 !With a sneer, she admonished us in front of the clients: “A bunch of strawberrians !” I said to myself, “Since when, this Taiwanese emblem of softness is being branded on us? Have we become overly delicate; or are we simply tenacity-deficient? If none of the above were true, then it must be that our competitors are just too much for us!

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    Strawberrians, I like this one.

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    maybe we can use the word of "candy"

    it is beautiful outsdie but without nutritious.

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    Easy, I would use any one of the following:

    1. invalids - you are a bunch of invalids;

    2. weaklings - you weaklings need to wake up ans smell the roses.

    3. frailties - Frailty, thy name is man!

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    you must have a very good boss. Please pass along my compliment.