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Inspired by the "real knockoff family reunion" (正牌山寨家族團聚),

請教各位「網聚」 的英文可以怎麼說?


但本狂人對該回答不以為然。 敬邀高手一起腦力激盪吧!


well, meetup maybe the perfect right English word for the occasion, but may not quite work for this forum. Other than the geographical problem, YK+ never check for the IDs when people sign up for an account. So, John Doe and Jan Doe may be the same person with 2 IDs.

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While 阿花 may be a guy and 阿勇 may be the gal next door. Where 妹妹/美眉 may be your 阿姨/阿姆 and 老先生 may be just a 小朋友。A talkative person online may be very quite in real life, and vice verse. A photo may not tell much either. It could be taken 10 years ago or been beautified with current technologies.

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Of course, there could be perfect straight people here, very talkative online or offline. 100% honest with his/her profile. But, will you be disappointed to learned that the net-pals u admire for long long while turn out to be something else. We all need to be prepared mentally b4 the meetup.

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    記得以前在軟體公司任職時,常聽到mkting group在辦甚麼各城市的 developer meetup活動。當時還好奇行銷人真有創意,甚麼write-up, meetup,這些新詞掰一掰就一堆了。


    因此之故,「網聚」稱為 offline meetup, 應該頗適合吧!(隨意舉一例參考之)

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    謝謝Geoffrey大指教。'offline' 的確可有可無,'meetup' says everything.

    話說回來,意見027針對的3H, 真的有那麼多話嗎?有可能網聚的時候,最後花線鬧自閉的,正速敝人在下偶ㄌㄟ !! ^_^

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    請山寨三助邀請無級大網聚時,務必用 ’netpal real life gathering' 邀請。這樣的說法,是絕對達意又正確的。

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    To Cara Geo Dada

    Kinda surprised to know no "summit" ever called in the past by the forum's "frequent writers"? Should we just try to get some census here? Anyone interested? in TPE?

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    E-network meetup?

    參考資料: Me
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    ."Meetup" is a 100% perfect answer!

    You see people "in person" instead of other virtual occassions that how we call " meetup " !

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    Meetup is an "online" social networking portal that facilitates "offline "group meetings in various localities around the world. (Wiki)

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    see? Guys, you don't even to say offline XXX,just say "Meetup",we'll know it's

    "net together " in traslation :D

    2011-09-13 15:52:10 補充:

    offline meetup vs. online chatting

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    To 3H,

    Yeah, a smart person like you can figure out what's real and what's not .

    Because a talkative guy(both in real life and Y+) has been giving you so many logical hints about himself enough than you have given him!

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    Oh, for one thing,the photo that used as my avatar was taken on the same day I posted it .That's so real to be me.I flinched!

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    To 天助自助人助本尊:




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    To Mater 。。 。 。

    Even someone so close to you may turn out to be something else either,not to say those who on the internet before the meetup.


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    I never believe one can totally understand a person,either on or off-line.

    Does it ever occurred to you,there could be chances one opens his heart without being known of his true idendity?

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    團體的聚會,似乎就是[團體名]+meeting或meet或gathering, 如 The Third Meeting of the Cyber-geeks, 又如 "Mom, I'm off to my K+ group meet." Someone should organize a gathering among us online buddies.

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    也可以發揮創意講的偉大一點,叫[summit 高峰會]如何? No summit has been scheduled yet between fellow online bald English enthusiasts.


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    master jim, believe me, I'm the only one been wear on 老鄧's hair for so long. Mater of fact, I'm the only one been wear on 老鄧's hair, period. They are really nice. You should sell ur condo (or ur kids) and get some really nice plugs.

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    Infinish - 無級

    在完成 - no class


    Find out Shajiao gathering.

    網聚可不是網上(online)聚會呀, 而是網友見面大聚會

    Fabric is not the Internet (在線) together Yeah, but a large gathering of friends to meet

    Netpals' real-life event如何?


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    Infinish - 無級

    在完成 - no class

    不是online meeting, 應是offline meeting還差不多.

    Not 在線會議, should be 脫機會議 is also similar.

    2011-09-22 23:25:03 補充:

    OMG 評價 怎麼 不小心 選錯了, 太對不起了

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    I'm scratching my head bald, what the hell, it's already blad!! HHHHelp!!!老鄧

    Just to be a good sport, I'll throw in a couple:

    Cyber gathering

    Cyber rendezvous

    Cyber conferencing

    Cyber flash mob.

    Not only I have no hair, I have used up the puny brain I have left in me.

    2011-09-11 00:21:58 補充:

    "9 out of 10 baldies are wealthy", that's what they say. Unfortunately I happen to be the tenth guy. I couldn't afford it.

    2011-09-11 19:44:37 補充:

    I'll be damned if I did something like "邱毅" (mind you, not trying to be political), I'd rather stay natural with this God given body(and head included). I don't like having to wash my toupee everyday, cuase I don't sing period.

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    網聚可不是網上(online)聚會呀, 而是網友見面大聚會

    Netpals' real-life event如何?

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    不是online meeting, 應是offline meeting還差不多.

    2011-09-13 14:15:14 補充:



    好的, 君子成人之美, 本人樂意退讓, 已自刪解答.

    2011-09-13 14:16:28 補充:



    不是什麼cyber meeting 或 online gathering之類的


    Real-Life Gathering

    a real-life event for netpals

    netpals' real-life gathering

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    喔 ! 怎麼最近YK+這麼亂哩?????

    又正版家族,正牌山寨家族,再來個冒牌版山寨家族,( 老鄧,你要小心嘍! 不要剛植好的頭髮又被你老人家抓光嘍!! ) 喔! 現在真是敵我不分,要請管理員為我們準備識別證,以免搞不清楚"你是誰"

    網聚 , very simple one:

    the net gathers ...............喔! 又要謝謝起摸翻譯雞大力幫忙啦.....(吼! 奇摩啦 ! )

    2011-09-10 21:26:47 補充:

    Hey, jim,

    聽說老鄧去植髮,好像效果還不錯,烏黑亮麗,媒體爭相報導,還有人請他去代言洗髮精,jim 你也去試試看! 至於去哪裡,牽涉廣告嫌疑,不能說, 私底下問問老鄧吧!

    2011-09-11 14:36:13 補充:

    喔! 原來猛男躲起來吃月餅嘍! 難怪一直看不到"回答" !....呵呵!

    2011-09-11 22:21:09 補充:

    Oh, jim, Then you can also save a lot of money, no need to buy shampoo and conditioner. I envy you. Ha! Ha!

    2011-09-11 22:34:46 補充:


    其實 "醉翁之意不在酒啊" ! 是 正版,山寨版的各路英雄好漢的"網聚"啊!

    2011-09-13 08:30:37 補充:


    除非必要, 必不撞題,撞題了,還這麼客氣,

    值得大家學習,偶像喔 !

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    以前玩WOW的時候,聽過net meeting, online meeting.


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