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each other VS each others ?

網路上許多英文歌詞有each others 用法,不知道是不是正確?

印象中,between each other 用於兩人間不加s,

那可以有between each others 的用法嗎? (用於多數間?)

請問 each other VS each others 這兩個片語



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    9 年前

    網路上許多英文歌詞有each others 用法,不知道是不是正確?

    each others 應該是 each other's 的typo

    這是 each other 的所有格

    They'll sit for hours looking into each other's eyes.


    each others eyes 或 each others hearts 之類的


    印象中,between each other 用於兩人間不加s,

    那可以有between each others 的用法嗎? (用於多數間?)

    大部分的人說 each other 限用於兩人(物), one another 用於兩個以上


    Ann and I write to each other/one another every week. (兩人)

    The triplets dislike one another/each other.(三人)


    像是用 "between" each other. (兩人)

    "among" each other.(多人)

    She was able to interpret some behaviors dogs use socially among each other.

    所以 between each others 用於多數間是不正確的

    大部分的字典都指出 each other/one another 不要用在主詞,但是也有例外

    They each listened carefully to what the other said.

    They listened carefully to what each other said.(NOT USUALLY)

    We always know what each other is thinking.

    Each of us knows what the other is thinking.


  • Louis
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    each other是代名詞。意是是[互相]或[彼此]。不能當[主詞]用,只能當[受詞]或加's後,成為[所有格]。

    each other = one another

    好像沒有each others這種複數的寫法。

    好像也沒有between each other或between each others的寫法。

    between用在表示兩者之間的關係,或三者以上時,其中各兩者間之相互關係。通常接複數名詞,如between acts,(between each act雖也被使用,但不是正確的用法);The river runs between the two states. There is nothing to choose between the two [three]. The three children saved ffifty pounds between them.

    each other的字典例句:

    The women looked around at each other and smiled.

    They talk to each other on the phone every night.

    Doens of suitcases were piled on top of each other.

    Victor and Lauie were sitting next to each other.

    We must be able to communicate and understand each other.

    they alwasy enjoy each other's company.

    2011-09-14 14:47:27 補充:

    "Each other" is used to show that each person in a group of two or more people does something to the others

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