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裕人 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

英文作文 請幫忙做修改


我就不附上圖了 , 以下是我的文章

為了不觸犯版規 , 我自己做了字面上的翻譯

我知道錯很多 但我英文程度真的不好



那天是星期日,Max為了慶祝過年,決定煮一頓大餐慰勞自己,他走到廚房並開始煮起咖哩,因為咖哩要煮很久,Max先回到房間看電視,然而,因為電視節目太有趣以至於Max忘記廚房在煮咖哩,當他想起這件事時,非常緊張的衝近廚房。 當他進入廚房已經 為時已晚,整個鍋子像火山爆發一般的燃燒起來,Max隨手抓了一條抹布來蓋住鍋子,誰知道火勢反而越來越大,Max被撲過來的火給點燃,整個人燙到在地上打滾,睜開眼睛後才發現原來自己在作夢,當他安心時,廚房又傳來股燒焦味 …… , Max大叫 :「 Oh my God , 我的咖哩 ! 」

Day is Sunday, Max to celebrate the New Year, decidedto cook dinner treat yourself to a meal, he wentto the kitchen and start cooking up curry because curry cook for a long time,Max's go back to the room watching TV,however, because TV is too interesting to As for Max in thekitchen cooking curry forget, when hethought of this matter, very intense burst into the kitchen. When heentered the kitchen was already too late, thewhole pot as volcanic eruptions generally burn up, Maxgrabbed a rag to coverthe pot, but whoknows more and more fire, Max was rushed over to ignite thefire, the whole were hot to the rollingon the ground, openedhis eyes only to find themselves in for the original dream,when he at ease, the kitchen camethe burning smell shares, Max criedout: "Oh myGod, my curry!"




很多我還認不出來 = =

句型 ex. so ... that

轉折語 ex. however

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    The Day was Sunday.In order to celebrate the New Year, Max decided to cook a feast in reward for himself.He went to the kitchen and started cooking curry.Because it took much time,Max went back to his room watching TV;however,TV was so interesting for Max that he forgot his curry was being cooked.While thinking of this matter,he feel very nervous and ran into the kitchen.

    It is too late that he went into the kitchen.The whole pot burned as a volcanic eruption.Max grabbed a rag covering the pot,but consequently the fire was more more bigger.Max's T-shirt was ignited by the fire,and he was so hot that he rolled on the ground. To his great relief,while opening his eyes,Max found everything was a dream.Then,a burn flavor Passed on from the kitchen,and Max cried out"Oh!my God,my curry!"

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