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如果可以順便告訴我怎麼改好嗎?????感激(((= =川)))1.He went outside (he,get,some fresh air)

2.Please go to the laboratory(you,get,blood test)

3.He worked part-time(he,support,himself,while attending college)

4.She want to the post office(she,buy,some special stamps)

5.They checked the manuscript carefully(they,find,any errors)

6.Many people save money regularly (they,avoid,be,desttute,in their old age.)

7.He's taking a special course (he,become,real,estate broker)

8.She put up some curtains in the kitchen(she,make,room,look more cheerful)

9.They were traveling tourist class(they,save,money)

10.He left the office a little early(He,see,his denist)

11.They're went to the country (they,have,quiet vacation)

12.They're working night and day (they,finish,job,on schedule)



1 個解答

  • 9 年前

    1)He went outside to get some fresh air.

    2)Please go to the laboratory to get blood test.

    3)He worked part-time to support himself while attending college.

    4)She want to go to the post office to buy some stamps.

    5)They checked the manuscript carefully to find some errors.

    6)Many people save money regularly to avoid to desttute in their old age.

    7)He's taking a special course to become a real estate broker.

    8)She put up some curtain in the kitchen to make room look more cheerful.

    9)They were travelling tourist class to save money.

    10)He left the office a little early to see his dentist.

    11)They're went to the country to have a quiet vacation.

    12)They're working night and day to finish the jobs on the schedule.

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