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為了讓客戶感受溫馨又歡樂的耶誕氣氛,以及因應各區域在聖誕節時可能會有的推廣活動,因此HQ在此製作了一版公用的Xmas廣告主視覺、E-card及Web banner。

而在主視覺和E-Card, web banner上保留空間,各區域可以自由應用放置當地的銷售活動內容。

如果有需要HQ處理LOCALIZATION,包括平面及WEB BANNER部分,請洽您的區域CM,以及HQ Marcom team.

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    The annual Christmas day is coming soon, to let the customer feeling warm the happy christmas atmosphere, as well as in accordance to various regions when Christmas day possibly will have outreach activities, therefore HQ has manufactured an edition of public Xmas advertisement main vision, E-card and Web banner in this. But in the main vision and E-Card, on web banner retains the space, various regions may apply freely lay aside local the sale campaign content. If has need HQ to process LOCALIZATION, including the plane and WEB the BANNER part, invites Qia your region CM, as well as HQ Marcom team.

  • 9 年前

    The annual Christmas is coming,Makes customers feel warm and joyful Christmas atmosphere and cater for regional Christmas might have promotional activities, therefore HQ now produced an Xmas public version Web banner and advertiser vision, E-card.In the main Visual and E-Card, reserve space on a web banner, the regional content is free to place local sales activities.

    If there is a need HQ LOCALIZATION, including graphic and WEB BANNER section, please contact your regional CM, as well as the HQ Marcom team.