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導盲犬遭圍攻咬傷 忍痛續護主 每個週末,爸爸會帶我搭捷運到古亭及大坪林捷運站附近學習數學及英文課程,在捷運列車上有時可看到視障盲人帶著導盲犬一起搭捷運,導盲犬都會安靜並趴在座位下,眼神注視著前方,等著主人給他指示它才會起來,跟著主人下車,爸爸說導盲犬在一歲到一歲半的時,經過六到十個月的訓練合格才可以正式幫助盲人在街上行走。 爸爸說在上星期2011/9/23在台北市街頭發生導盲犬忍痛續護主的故事。一名視障街頭藝人,天天帶著他的導盲犬Johnny到西門町表演二胡賺錢,但上個星期Johnny跟著主人上街,卻被兩隻野狗瘋狂圍攻,牠忍著痛,被咬得滿臉是血,還是堅持不肯反擊,帶著讓主人全身而退。到了醫院,主人才從醫師的形容之下,知道Johnny傷得有多嚴重。差不到1公分的距離,Johnny就會被咬瞎眼睛。導盲犬勇敢保護主人,真是讓人敬佩! 很多人以為盲人是由導盲犬帶著走,其實狗畢竟是狗,牠沒有辦法辨別方位,整個的行動,需要由盲人本身良好的定向行動能力,加上能給予導盲犬一個正確的指引與清楚的指令,才能讓牠協助視障者完成安全及有效率的任務。 台灣法律已規定導盲犬可以自由進出公家機關、公共場所和搭乘大眾交通工具。但是他人不得任意觸摸、餵食或以各種聲響、手勢等方式干擾導盲犬。

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    Guide dogs was besieging bite the pain continued nursing home

    Every weekend, Dad would take me take the MRT to Gu Ting MRT station and Tai Ping forest near to learn math and English courses, can sometimes see MRT trains vision impaired take MRT together with guide dogs for the blind, guide dogs are quiet and lie under the seat, eyes look ahead, waiting for master to him indicate that it will be up, follow master and get off at

    Dad says the guide dog at the age of one when it comes to one and a half years old, after 6-10 months of training qualified can help blind people walking the streets.

    Dad said occurred last week in the streets of Taipei City 2011/9/23 the guide dog pain continued guarding the main story. A blind street artists, every day with his Guide Dog Johnny for Hsimenting show erhu making money, but Johnny followed the master Street last week, only to be two wild dogs crazy siege, they endured pain, being bitten his face covered with blood, or stick refuses to fight back, with a host body and back. To the hospital, under the master from doctor describing, know how serious the Johnny hurt. Difference of less than 1 cm distance, Johnny was bitten and blind eyes. Guide dogs brave protection masters, were so admired!

    Many people think are guide dogs for the blind, in fact, the dog is, after all, dogs, they have no way to distinguish direction, the whole operation, the blind man itself needs good directional ability to act and can provide guide dogs a correct guidelines and clear instructions, to let them assist visually impaired to do a safe and efficient tasks.

    Taiwan law has provided guide dogs is free in and out of government agencies, public places and taking public transport vehicles. But others must not be arbitrary in various sounds, gestures, touch, feed or interference such as guide dogs.

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    The seeing-eye dog suffers besieges bites endures suffering continues protects the host Every weekend, daddy can lead me to build DORTS studies mathematics and English curriculum to the ancient pavilion and nearby the large open area forest DORTS station, sometimes may see on the DORTS train regards bonds the blind person to bring the seeing-eye dog to build DORTS together, the seeing-eye dog can peaceful and lies prone under the seat, the look is gazing at front, waits for the master for him to instruct that it only then meets, is getting out with the master, daddy said seeing-eye dog when year old to -and-a-half year-old, passes through qualified six to ten month-long trainings only then may help the blind person to walk officially on the street. Daddy said that 2011/9/23 had the seeing-eye dog in last week in the Taibei street corner to endure suffering continues protects host's story. Regards bonds the street artist, brings his seeing-eye dog Johnny to make money daily to the Ximending performance urheen, but last week Johnny was taking to the streets with the master, actually crazily is besieged by two wild dogs, it was enduring the pain, is nipped the whole face is the blood, insisted that was not willing to counter-attack,

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