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at the back of相關片語差異

【某大陸英文教學文】 the back of = behind:在xxx的後面/後方(範圍之外)

There is a little garden behind the house. 房屋後有個小花園。

We planted some trees behind the school. 我們在學校後面種了些樹。 (the) back of = back of:在xxx的後部或後段(範圍之內), the可省略。

He sat in the back of the car. 他坐在小汽車後座。

The bathroom is in back of the house. 洗手間在房子的後部.【國外討論帖1】

back of = behind

in back of = behind or in/at the back of【國外討論帖2】

In back of means behind

At the back of means inside (or attached to) something and at the rear of it.【國外討論帖3】

When the object of the preposition has an inside and outside, in means inside and on means outside. At is used for a point location, or a location that is a point in comparison to the distance to it.

at the back of a book

... possibly the back cover; possibly the last pages.

in the back of a book

... inside, likely on the last page

on the back of a book

... outside, on the back cover【朗文線上字典】

in the back (of something) (=used especially about the back of a vehicle)

in back (of something) American English (=in or at the back of something)


at the back of

in the back of

in back of

on the back of

back of


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    at the back of, in the back of

    in back of , on the back of

    back of , behind

    上述片語 其意雷同



    . At the back of my mind, I hope that my father is surely in back of me

    to go visiting the famous place ,

    . on the back of [ behind ] MRT Yuanshan Station,

    . it's what back of 2011, ROC,

    . about The Founding Of A Century [ 100 ] To Build Exhibiton,

    . which show is now located at Pavilion Dreams

    . in the back of Yuanshan Park Area.


    我去參觀在 捷運圓山站的後面 著名的地方,

    . 這是回朔2011年,中華民國,

    . 建國百年經建特展.. 該特展 座落夢想館 在圓山公園區的裡面館內。

    at the back of, 在.... 想法裡面

    in the back of 在....... 的裡面內

    in back of , 支持

    on the back of 在...... 的後面

    back of , 回朔

    behind 在...... 的後面