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請求一句中翻英~~ 這三樣缺一不可



Faith, hope, love, ______________________.




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    9 年前

    do away without?


    do away with

    do anything without

    2011-09-29 09:13:15 補充:

    Faith, hope, and love are all indispensable.

    Faith, hope, and love always remain indispensable.

    Faith, hope, and love are by no means dispensable.

    None of faith, hope, and love is dispensable.


    三項以上並列時以逗號隔開, 最後一項要加and.

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    None of the three theological virtues - faith, hope, and love - is dispensable.

    缺一不可: None of xxx is dispensable.

    2011-09-29 11:02:36 補充:

    Disagree again.

    "do away without" is of contrary meaning to "do away with".

    The latter means to destroy, to eliminate, or to stop usage of.

    The expression "none you can do away without" does not conform to the asker's required meaning.

    2011-09-29 21:52:14 補充:


    I certainly know about double negative well, and it's what I have explained to friends on this forum several times. I don't have different logic from yours, but such logic doesn't support your "none you can do away without" in this translation.

    2011-09-29 21:55:16 補充:

    You mistakingly made triple negative instead of double.

    -- none, away, without

    How could it interpret the piece correctly?

    參考資料: *Infinito - 無極*
  • 9 年前

    Faith, hope and love don't come alone.

    參考資料: life experience
  • 9 年前

    none of them is dispensable;

    none you can do away without;

    2011-09-29 10:43:50 補充:

    Nope, they did not work - no one was able to understand them.

    On the other hand, "none you can do away without" was well understood.

    2011-09-29 20:02:51 補充:

    Master No-Extreme,

    Double negative is very commonly used in English, so don't count your logic so precisely.

    For example, this is what I said everyday to my cell mate and guards:

    "You don' get nothing on me!" = (in your logic) "You don't get anything on me."

  • 9 年前

    Faith, hope, love, these three are indispensable.