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關於空中英語教室10月3日的Dessert 和 Desert

Dessert 和 Desert大不同




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    平常聽東西,大概知道意思就好。 但有心聽寫,一定訓練到連動詞第三人稱有沒有加 s,是過去式還是過去完成式,有沒有助動詞,或介係詞是哪個字。 不這樣,就不要浪費時間寫下來,聽懂意思就好。

    為什麼「小」字很重要?你可以看到很多人平常好像能跟老外哩啦叫,但寫文章就慘不忍睹。 就是因為漏字、時式、介係詞亂用。 這都是平常有「隨便聽一聽」的習慣造成的。

    這種講話速度還不算快,大概在普通速度,但特別強調咬字清晰的狀況。 你從頭到尾聽懂整篇,托福大概還可以應付。 但到了美國,老外說話可沒這樣一字一字說,你還是會有問題。到了飛機場你就知道了!

    W: So, Ken, look at this sentence right here.

    Can you see the mistake?

    M: Let's see... And after dinner, we ate some desert.

    Some desert?

    Hoho, I get it. The author spelled the word dessert wrong.

    W: You know, that's such a common mistake, but people do it all the time, even native English speakers.

    M: So, what are you reading, Rachel?

    W: Well, I am reading my cousin's paper for school.

    She is only in seventh grade, so she has a few spelling errors here and there.

    M: Well, you should teach her the difference between desert and dessert.

    W: I will. I'll teach her the easy way to remember how to spell these two words.

    Desert has only one "s", and dessert has two "s's".

    And that's because we always want more dessert.

    M: That's a good way to remember it, Rachel.

    But I have a usage question for you.

    W: Okay, what's the question?

    M: I know what a desert is, but that word can also be used as a verb, right?

    W: Yes, but the pronunciation and meaning change when you use it as a verb.

    To desert D-E-S-E-R-T someone or something means to leave or abandon that person or thing without intending to return.

    M: So, if a person deserts his family, then he leaves his family without planning to return?

    W: Yes. Or we could talk about a soldier deserting his post in the military.

    M: Well, I can think of one thing I'd never desert.

    W: Really? What's that, Ken?

    M: Dessert, do you get it? I would never desert a delicious dessert.

    W: Aha, very clever. That's a good one, Ken.

  • 對不起,我只能聽的懂大意,一字不漏寫出來,功力沒這麼深,但我至少可以掌握一下大意:

    dessert:It has two "s".It is a dish after meal.

    desert:It has only one "s",and it can also be verb.When it is a vreb,its pronuciation just very like "dessert"



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