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The concern about potential infectivity of recently immunized inpatient premature infants istheoretically plausible based on the ease of wild type rotavirus transmissionin daycare centers and of the low infectious dose required for adults [10–12]. Recently, a case of sibling-to-sibling transmission ofvaccine-derived rotavirus gas troenteritishas been described [13]. We conducted this pilot study of the rate of rotavirus shedding in stoolsof premature infants following a first dose of RV5, to more thoroughly studyvirus sheddingin this population,and to provide data regarding transmission to their contacts at home.

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  • 9 年前

    sibling to sibling


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  • 9 年前

    關注潛在傳染性免疫最近住院早產兒 istheoretically 似是而非的野生型輪狀病毒種日托易用的基於中心和傳染性低劑量所需的成人 [100 至 120]。最近,案例同級向同級傳輸 ofvaccine 派生輪狀病毒氣 troenteritishas 被描述 [13]。我們進行率輪狀病毒脫落後更徹底的 studyvirus sheddingin,RV5,第一劑 stoolsof 早產兒這一人口,以及提供資料傳輸到他們的連絡人在家裡就此試驗研究。

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