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This movie is so great which I ever seen this year.


This movie is so great, I ever seen this year.



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  • 8 年前

    What you wrote were too verbose. I would simply say:

    This movie is the best I saw this year to date.

    I like this film very much.

    I would consider it the best film this year.

    This is the best film of the year.

    2011-10-19 00:22:09 補充:

    I used "were" for the reason that the coolboy wrote two sentences (in two ways) and both were too verbose in my opinion.

  • 8 年前

    ever 和 this year 可以同時使用嗎?

    2011-10-17 23:47:56 補充:

    Why the fixation on comparatives, and aren't be-verbs considered verbs?

    2011-10-18 13:57:31 補充:

    Inmate26535 的回答正確, 但 comments 的地方 were 是否應該是 was?

  • 8 年前

    This movie is the greatest (one) I have ever seen this year.

  • 8 年前

    Both sentences miss a verb in their clauses.

    Here is my suggestion:

    This movie is so great that I have ever seen this year.


    Among all the movies I have ever seen this year, this movie is the greatest.

    I assume that you have seen more than 2 movies, so to express your feeling about this movie, it is better to use a comparative sentence to emphasize how great this movie is. Unless it is not the best yet, then the first sentence I correct will do the job.

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