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我想移民新加坡,但新加坡政府規定:取得新加坡公民資格,要放棄原有籍國 — 中華民國(台灣)之國籍。 除了台灣的美食之外,我唯一放不下的,是台灣便宜又高品質的「全民健保」。 有誰知道:新加坡是否有全民醫療保險、或一般醫療保險?有那幾種?成本各如何?另,新加坡醫療水準和台灣大車拚比較起來,孰優孰劣?優者優在那裡?劣者劣在那裡?回答「新加坡醫療保險」以及「台/新醫療水準比較」之相關細節,愈細愈好,謝謝! 亦歡迎新加坡公民、或有相關移民經驗的人回答。

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    新加坡是否有全民醫療保險、或一般醫療保險?有那幾種?成本各如何?Basically if you work your company will have to cover your medical fee, however when you have critical illness they may pay only some of the bill. You are encourage to buy basic insurance using your CPF and if you need better protection then you have to pay cash. As for 成本 I feel it is affordable. However there is a saying in Singapore "one can die but never get sick" the reason is the medical fee is very high and if you are not cover by insurance than you are broke.新加坡醫療水準和台灣大車拚比較起來,孰優孰劣?優者優在那裡?劣者劣在那裡?

    Taiwanese live in Singapore say Taiwan medical is better, I am not sure but Singapore lower grade hospital room come without air-conditional.

    I believed the advantages of Taiwan 醫療 is that you pay a "small amount every month" and you don't have to worry if you have critical illness but may not be fair for those that don't claim at all.

    Singapore don't really force you to pay but you will burden your whole family & relative when you have ctritical illness (the government will help but after you have used up all your money)回答「新加坡醫療保險」以及「台/新醫療水準比較」之相關細節,As for standard if you are rich then no different if you r in Sing or Taiwan


    台灣人在新加坡(Taiwanese inSingapore)https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/twn.at.sg/

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  • 台灣健保是高水準嗎?


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