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Red-handed offender 現行犯

Red-handed offender為何翻成"現行犯"?難不成是血手印犯罪人?


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    您答對了 -- 應該選自己為最佳解答:-)




    Red-handed doesn't have a mythical origin however - it is a straightforward allusion to having blood on one's hands after the execution of a murder or a poaching session. The term originates, not from Northern Ireland , but from a country not so far from there, socially and geographically, i.e. Scotland . An earlier form of 'red-handed', simply 'red hand', dates back to a usage in the Scottish Acts of Parliament of James I, 1432.


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    Thanks, Jim. As Prisoner would say, I am an expert on this from experience...except that I did not execute anybody:-)

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    Dear Prisoner26535

    You think too much. It is just a cute illustration.

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    How can one be red-handed with smoking gun when she is taking a bath (with a rabbit)? Man, that rabbit must be red-handed, if not with smoking gun!

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    RJ, you've done it again!!!! Bravo!

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    Speaking of the devil, Panda has reappeared.