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There exist的句型



1. Sharp contrasts exist between the two countries.

2. There are sharp contrasts existing between the two countries.

3..There exist sharp contrasts between the the two countries.


Oops! 第3句多打了一個the. 請自行刪除. Thanks.

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  • PONY
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    9 年前

    應該還是以「第一句」較優,因為它不僅簡單扼要,也是English native speakers常用的表達方式,請參下列同樣句構的相關例句。相對之下,其它兩句就顯得累贅了。 Substantial differences exist between the two siblings, however.At least two important differences exist between this extinction episode and those previously documented.Nicholls (1989) believed an explicit relationship existed between achievement goal orientation and moral values.A sharp contrast exists between Chinese students in the United States and Chinese born there who are mostly descendants of illiterate immigrants from southern China .Sneed claims that a contrast exists between the faithful outside the church and the " elderly white male church leaders " behind the altar. The worldviews underlying Indigenous and Western approaches to conflict are radically different. Stark contrasts exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous concepts of what it means to be human, how human relationships are construed, and how conflicts between humans are to be processed.

    2011-10-21 20:27:48 補充:

    正如rjamesho大師所提,也可用There are…指「存在有」,例:

    There are sharp (striking; stark; marked) contrasts between these two countries. 此時就可不需再用existing。

    參考資料: Americancorpus + 個人智慧財
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  • 9 年前

    Pony 真是位好老師。.

    我“個人的經驗”是,在一段(paragraph)的起頭,我會用虛主詞:There exist(s)...


    my 2c

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