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barbecue, bake, grill, toast, roast, broil



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    (rib roast;roasted rib烤箱烤過整條的豬肋排) Roast=to cook something, such as meat, in an oven or over a fire. 西式料理常把整條小羊腿、整排相連的肋排、德國豬腳、牛排、豬大里脊、或切妥蔬菜(如茄、紅蘿蔔等甜份較多的)低溫但需耗時長達數小時不等的一種「烤」的方式。只是經過Roast的整條肉類,需經過切成薄片手續才能食用。中式料理較少用此方式。 Barbecue = to cook food on a metal frame over a fire outdoors. 即中秋節時,在「戶外烤肉架上烤食物」的方式。 (Barbecue) Bake =「烘焙」,即麵包店裏所賣麵包、蛋糕、派、披薩、甜點等,必需透過「烤箱、爐」予以「烘焙」而成。 (bake) Grill =you cook something by putting it close to very strong direct heat. 例:日式燒烤店,直接把食材放在火源上烤熟的方式;或所謂「炭烤」牛排、漢飽的作法。 (grill) Toast=把土司或切片麵包,放在烤麵包機或預熱過烤箱,予以加熱以便立即食用。 Broil= American English. To cook something under direct heat, or over a flame on a barbecue. 基本上它和戶外的barbecue、或Grill都很類似。 (Char-Broil grill烤架爐)

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    "barbecue" and "grill" are generally done by open fire, and they mean just about the same. However, "grill" sometimes are done indoor over a range that has a grill function. In US, range consists of "oven" (for baking) and "stove" (for cooking). However, some ranges have a grill plate in the middle of the stove (usually has 4 burners on top of the range).

    "bake", "roast", and "broil" are generally done in a range (the oven portion). "Bake" is for pastries, such as cake, bread, cookie, pizza, ... and so on.

    "roast" is for meat, such as turkey, beef, ... and so on.

    "broil" is when in the oven you turn on the burner that is on top of the oven,

    you can use this burner to blacken (or darken) the surface

    of whatever you are baking or roasting,

    "toast" is generally done in a small appliance like "toaster" or "toaster over".

    basically, it is to warm or to crisp the bread (or other pastries).

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