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anarchy rules

freezer burn


a collaborative divorce

work party

ground pilot

instant classic

jumbo shrimp


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    anarchy rules :無政府狀態時所訂定的規章 (無政府 vs. 規章 )

    freezer burn : 被冰箱冷凍庫燙(凍)壞傷 (冷凍 vs. 燙燒 ) Freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation, due to air reaching the food. It is generally induced by substandard (non-airtight) packaging.

    collaborative divorce :攜手合作的離婚 (合好 vs. 離婚 )Do you know there’s a website offering collaborative divorce training? In family law, for instance, McShane uses collaborative divorce, in which attorneys agree to settle the case, not to go to court and to withdraw from further representation if things break down. That way, the interests of both the parties and their lawyers are fully aligned in favor of creatively settling the case.

    work party :在辦公室(工作場所)所舉辦的派對 (工作 vs. 派對) Coyote Hills Regional Park near Fremont holds a work party to restore native plants and clean up the shoreline. (動員義工一齊做整治環境工作)In May 1961, the state of Alaska organized a work party to clean up the trail. (動員義工一齊做整治環境工作)

    ground pilot :在地上服勤的飛行員 (地勤 vs. 空中飛行)

    instant classic :(快速完成的)經(古)典(產品;作品) (快速 vs. 經典)And the second " Star Wars " movie is an instant classic.Thirty-five meters long and capable of carrying a hundred metric tons of cargo, the YT freighter had been in production for less than a standard year but had already proved to be an instant classic. Designed with help from Narro Sienar, owner of one of CEC's chief competitors in the shipbuilding business, the freighter was being marketed as an inexpensive and easily modified alternative to the steadfast YG-series ships.

    jumbo shrimp:大隻(型)的小蝦 (大型 vs. 小隻)She staged elaborate parties for their friends, and would drive to Gloucester and buy two dozen lobsters and pounds of jumbo shrimp for shrimp cocktail.cryo caustic :靠低溫達到腐蝕(效果) 的 (低溫 vs. 灼熱)(cryo低溫的;冷的 ; caustic腐蝕性的;灼熱的) Corpus