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敬請英譯高手幫忙提供英譯版的雨夜花 謝謝

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  • 8 年前

    雨夜花 雨夜花 受風雨吹落地

    Blossom in a stormy night, pelted to the ground by the raind and wind.

    雨無情 雨無情 無想阮的前程

    The cruel rain shows no mercy to my future

    無人看見 每日怨嗟 花謝落土不再回

    In my lonesome, no one sees my constant grief for the blossom in the dirt that has no hope of revival.

    並無看顧 軟弱心性 乎阮前途失光明

    No one there to aid to my vulnerability. There is no guiding light of my future.

    花落土 花落土 有誰人倘看顧

    Blosome fell in the dirt, who is there to care for it?

    雨水滴 雨水滴 引阮入受難池

    Rain is falling, it drowns me in the pond of suffering.

    無情風雨 誤阮前途 花蕊哪落欲如何

    The merciless rain and wind stand in my way of success. What to do when the blossom is in the dirt.

    怎樣乎阮 離葉離枝 永遠無人倘看見

    Who can explain why the blossom gets severed from the leaves and trees and left deserted for no one to see.


    參考資料: jim
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