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急:請幫我翻譯這無奈的留言 英文翻譯 謝謝!!


我想 我已是仁至義盡了 年底進度已趕完 該給的錢也給了 責任已了 謝謝



我想 我已是仁至義盡了 年底進度已趕完 該給的錢也給了 給錢就可以安撫天下 責任已了 謝謝

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你們真的很優翻得 但我又有問題了~如下

我現在人在當地 雖然所經之地並無災情 但請朋友們發揮地球共和村之大愛 幫幫所有泰國的民眾及無家可歸的上萬人

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  • 9 年前

    I think, I have done everything humanly possible. The progress up to the end of this year has already been accomplished. Every need-to-pay debt is all paid (made). I have done all the responsibility (My responsibility is all done). Thank you !

    Hopefully, this is close to your original meaning.

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    by paying them, it can appears the world.

    I think, your original sentence has already made the point, this added sentence might be redundant.

    2011-11-03 11:06:05 補充:

    我現在人在當地 雖然所經之地並無災情 但請朋友們發揮地球共和村之大愛 幫幫所有泰國的民眾及無家可歸的上萬人

    I am in the local, although there is no disaster situation where I have been. However, I plead to you, friends, to exert the big love of the earth village and to help thousands of homeless people in Thailand due to the inundation.

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    I think I do every thing called for by humanity and duty the end progress is catch up on the money and gave responsibility for thank you