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  • 哈哈
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    9 年前

    Lock eyes from across the room (橫跨房間交錯視線)

    down my drink while the rhythms boom (我在節奏轟鳴中放下酒杯)

    take your hand and skip the names (牽起妳的手交換姓名)

    no need here for the silly games (沒必要玩愚蠢的遊戲)

    make our way through the smoke and crowd (我們穿過煙霧瀰漫的人群)

    the club is the sky and I’m on your cloud (我乘著妳的雲朵在舞廳的天空上)

    move in close as the lasers fly (親密接觸雷射飛舞)

    our bodies touch and the angels cry (肢體交錯天使慟哭)

    leave this place go back to yours (離開這裡前往妳家)

    our lips first touch outside your doors (在家門口彼此熱吻)

    a whole night what we’ve got in store (享受剩餘今宵)

    whisper in my ear that you want some more (妳耳語道"想要更多")

    and I JIZZ IN MY PANTS (然後我 就‧射‧了)This really never happens you can take my word (我向妳保證我從來沒這樣過)

    I won’t apologize, that’s just absurd (我不會道歉,那樣很蠢)

    Mainly your fault from the way that you dance (都是妳性感舞姿的錯)

    and now I JIZZ IN MY PANTS (然後我 就‧射‧了)don’t tell your friends or I’ll say your a slut (別跟妳朋友講,不然我會宣揚妳很賤)

    plus its your fault, you were rubbing my butt (而且都是妳亂摸我屁股害的)

    I’m very sensitive, some would say that’s a plus (我很敏感,有人說這是優點)

    Now I’ll go home and change (我要回家換衣服了)I need a few things from the grocery (我去買些東西)

    do things alone now mostly (只想一個人獨處)

    left me heart broken not lookin’ for love (心碎的我不想尋歡)

    surprised in my eyes when I looked above (我驚訝地往前看)

    the check out counter and I saw a face (看到結帳台前有張面孔)

    My heart stood still so did time and space (我的心跳與時空猛然停止)

    Never felt that I could feel real again (沒想到感覺突然變得如此真實)

    But the look in her eyes said I need a friend (看著她的雙眼告訴我需要個伴)

    She turned to me that’s when she said it (她轉頭盯著我的臉)

    Looked me dead in the face, asked “Cash or Credit?” (開口"現金還是信用卡")

    And I JIZZED IN MY PANTS (然後我 就‧射‧了)It’s perfectly normal, nothing wrong with me (這很正常,我很正常)

    But we’re going to need a clean up on aisle 3 (但是我需要去第三排架子後面清理一下)

    And now I’m posed in an awkward stance because I (現在我表現得如此尷尬,因為)

    JIZZED IN MY PANTS (我‧射‧了)

    To be fair you were flirting a lot (講老實話是妳剛剛在調情不斷)

    plus the way you bag cans got me bothered and hot (而且妳胸前打包的兩顆讓我興奮又困擾)

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  • shipe
    Lv 4
    4 年前

    Jiss In My Pants

    參考資料: https://shorte.im/a8ate
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