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甲蟲 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

煩請達人指導 "落地測試"

落地測試指的是產品在離地 1.8 M 處墜落在水泥地上, 12 次都沒有壞,包含頭部(即主要功能) 2 次, 其他各處 10 次,這種墜地測試是指==> 產品的自然垂墜, 而不是拿起產品故意的往地上砸, 或刻意性的破壞。

如果是刻意的摔, 那沒有什麼東西是摔不壞的。 謝謝

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  • 9 年前


    落地測試指的是產品在離地 1.8 M 處墜落在水泥地上, 12 次都沒有壞,包含頭部(即主要功能) 2 次, 其他各處 10 次,這種墜地測試是指==> 產品的自然垂墜, 而不是拿起產品故意的往地上砸, 或刻意性的破壞。The drop test consist free falls from 1.8 meters above the concrete ground. The product remain undamaged (intact) after 12 drops, including twice sustained by the head (main functional part), and 10 times by other parts. This type of drop test refers to accidental fall of the product; which implies that the product was not dropped with purposeful forces, or destructive intension. [Otherwise, we are quite capable of breaking the product…just kidding!]

    2011-11-03 16:32:26 補充:

    My apology to Master Fantastique for the apparent collision. I was working on it while waiting for boarding at the gate. As soon as I sent it in, I had to turn off my computer and board the plane, only to find out now that I "crowded out" Master Fanta:-(

    2011-11-04 05:41:21 補充:

    Another evidence that you should not do translation in a hurry:

    Correction of a blunder: This drop test CONSISTS OF...

    Sight! Still learning lesson in life.

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  • 阿昌
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    9 年前

    Ground test refers to the product at 1.8 M in the ground falling on the concrete floor, 12 are not bad, including the head (where the main function) 2 times, the other around 10 times this fall to the ground test is ==> Product the natural drape, rather than pick up the product deliberately smashed to the ground, or deliberate destruction of nature.

    If it is deliberate fall, that nothing is not a bad throw. Thank you

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  • 呆子
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    9 年前

    it should allow the product to pass drop test from 180 centimeter height onto a concrete surface.

    All drop tests include falling impact from head(2 drops), the rest of the body(10 drops), with total of 12 drops.

    The product is dropped in operating mode onto concrete surface other than by force intentionally.-----

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  • 9 年前

    Ha! I deleted my answer already.

    I think RJ did a lot. :D

    2011-11-03 22:26:52 補充:

    Hey, don't worry, dude. You're doing great! :D

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  • 甲蟲
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    9 年前

    Drop test is entitled to a testing that shall be dropped on concrete from a height of 1.8 meter, a minimum of twelve times in a random position, including twice of the head portion ( the main function part).

    2011-11-03 11:41:24 補充:

    Drop test is not an intentionally strike or break, but a random free falling.

    There is nothing can not be broken if you want to get it done purposely.

    2011-11-03 11:44:01 補充:

    My writing is bad especially for those technical notes.

    Hope to learn something more from Metros.

    2011-11-03 12:05:23 補充:

    Thanks for two Masters' help.

    It sounded like Fantastic is in hardware industry

    and RJ is in literature field according to the wording provided.

    2011-11-09 09:59:03 補充:

    Sorry for outing, I just went back to office and found this question has been put into voting system.

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