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可可 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 9 年前

求幫英文影片翻譯 需要中英字幕

求翻譯影片中對話的 中文與英文~





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  • 9 年前

    A:I have a home work with a foreigner conversation for one or two minutes, can you help me?

    B:Conversation in Chinese?

    A: English.

    C: Now?

    A: Yes. One or two minutes.

    C: Okay. Just one or two minutes, I don't mind.

    A: Can I, (pointing to the camara)

    B: Don't be shy!!

    C: Camara: Oh gosh!! So, what should I say in the camara. Uh, what should I say, now like when...


    C: Conversation, oh, in English, okay!!

    A: My name is XX, what is your name?

    C:My name is Mercy and how are you?

    A: Fine, nice to meet you. Uh, where are you from?

    C: I'm from Swaziland, 史瓦濟蘭in Chinese, and It's a country in South Africa. in 南非,

    A: Oh, 南非.

    C: and are you from Taiwan?

    A: yes, I'm from Tao Yuan.

    C:Oh, the south part is it? Is it the south Tao Yuan, where is that?

    A: Taiwan.

    C:Is it the north of Taiwan or south? North oh... Interesting!!

    A: Do you like Taiwan food?

    C:Um, a little, some of them I like, and some of it is really strange.

    A: Stinking Toufu.

    C:Stinking Toufu smells terrible, but I tasted it, it's not bad.

    A: Beef noodles?

    C:Beef noodles, I like that. So, have you been to other countries except for Taiwan? Have you visited other countries? Have you gone outside of Taiwan?

    A: No.

    C: No, Okay.

    A: When you come to Taiwan to study?

    C: I came to Taiwan to study Pharmacy, like Pharmacy, but it's engineering, so they call it pharmaceutical engineering, but this year I'm doing Chinese, so I can understand everybody before I get into my field. What's your major? Like what she's studying, Oh, media. yeah, oh, interesting. So what's your name again? Your name again? I forgot your name. Your name!

    A: My name is xxx

    C: My Chinese name is Na-Li 謝謝.... Thank you!

    A:Thank you for your help.

    C: Oh, you're welcome. Nice to meet you! uh, she's studying media.


    參考資料: jim
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