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我想要了解crash, crush, mash, smash, shatter 這幾個動詞在用法上的差異,


除了air crash, car crash, train crash, smashed/mashed potato,

這些用法是固定之外, 上述動詞在一般句子中都可以互相代換用嗎?


請多多舉例, 非常感謝!

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  • 9 年前

    This is a very nice question! Let me try to explain to you my point of view about their difference:


    It is usually used with airplane, vehicle, or something that is in motion.

    For example,

    My paper airplane crashed with the wall.

    The parachuter crashed into the tree.


    It is used with some sort of force to achieve the action, however, the result of the crushed objects are still recognizable. for examples:

    I crush the roaches with my foot.

    I crushed the beer can with my hand.

    The building came crushing down. (it crushed down might be caused by

    weight, or external force)


    It is used to get food related things to become pasty condition, for examples:

    Do you like your mashed potato with gravy or without?

    Can you help me to mash those cooked sweet potatoes?


    It is usually used to break something with powerful force to make the smashed objects into pieces or unrecognizable.

    A thief smashed the car window to steel stereo.

    A kid smashed his piggy bank to get the coins.


    It is very similar with SMASH, however, it can be used with some abstract things, for examples:

    The big window glass was shatter by a careless person who walked into it.

    It shattered his dream to be a basketball player when his arm was amputated.

    Among all these verbs, only "Shatter" and "Smash" can be interchange SOMETIMES, if it is not for abstract concept like the second example under "Shatter".

    If you have any further question, please ask !

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