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「The future of water」&「living near volcanoes」-Thistwo articles let me think one of environmental issues that associate vegetarianwith Environmental protection. Since the world is going green and there’s adark side to consumption of meat because eats the meat made a great impact onenvironment. Rising affluence is tempted humans diets towards meat and dairyproducts. livestock now consumes much of the world's crops and a great deal offreshwater,also use lots of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.「未來水資源」與「生活在火山附近」-這兩篇文章讓我想到一個關於「吃素與環境保護」的環保議題由於全世界越來越注重環保且吃肉對環境所造成的影響使得吃肉這件事情籠罩著陰影。越來越富裕的生活誘使人類吃更多的肉、乳製品。豢養的家畜消耗了世界大部分的穀物糧食、淡水資源、也用了大量的化學肥料、以及殺蟲劑。The most important is more than half amillion animals are killed for meat every hour in the US alone. And the westerntastes for diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable of the earthcontinues to survive forever. it is estimated that the meat industry produceseven more greenhouse gases than all the traffic in the world combined. Theconducted survey attributed the whole world greenhouse effect to greenhousegases,and will result in nature disasters like earthquake,tsunami,eruption andso on.重要的是,光在美國,每個小時就有超過五十萬頭的畜牲被宰殺。而嗜食大量肉類奶類的西方飲食,是無法讓地球永續生存的飲食習慣。據估計,肉品產業所製造之二氧化碳比全世界運輸業二氧化碳總排量高出許多。研究指出溫室氣體所造成的溫室效應將會導致像是地震、海嘯、火山爆發等的天然災害。What is worse that desperatechain-letter effect of carbon dioxi result in greenhouse effect came as quite asurprise to science. Just like before that japan has suffered a lot from therecent earthquake that cause a tsunami,which ruined several reactors at thenuclear power plant in Fukushima and led to radiation leaks.Tens of thousand ofpeople have died,and many survivors are now living in fear.最糟糕的是二氧化碳造成溫室效應的危及絕望連鎖效應完全出乎科學的預料。就像前陣子日本受到地震導致海嘯又進而引起福島核電廠數據反應爐受損害導致輻射外洩,數萬人在災難中犧牲,許多倖存者仍苦受煎熬活在恐懼中。


Experts warn that we shouldn’t take utilize of available nature resources for granted. In the cutting-edge and bustling society , we must have to elevate future of visibility.By serious disaster that mankind burden of sin.we need speculate on anything that possibility of influence of earth we do.In

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Because of the society we exist may not need by wasteing the earth resources to receive in exchange for the prosperous false appearances which the economy progresses.專家警告我們不應該把隨手可利用的資源視為理所當然。在這個先進又熙攘的社會裡,我們必須提高未來的能見度。藉由人類共業所產生的嚴重天災,我們需要思索我們所做任何有可能造成地球影響的事情且進而思考我們所能做的。因為我們存在的社會可以不必以浪費地球資源來換取經濟進步的繁榮假象

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And I want to start a simple matter from oneself just do diets towards vegetarian. Actually ,we only change the little life’s custom that could rescue the Earth.That look resembled the simple thing, actually is the answer


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A person’s power is seem to be the tip of the iceberg,but there is more to the surface of influence than meets the eye.and one day ,worldwide diet change, away from animal products. when this moment.we can anticipation vegetarian diet heaven of world peace approached.

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Anyway, to be a human of the world, we all have the responsibility to do something around our life that in order to protect an Earth .


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    "Future of water resources" and "living near the volcano"-these two articles makes me think of a "vegetarian diet and environmental protection" of green issuesWorld increasingly environmentally and eating meat for environmental impact by shadow makes eating meat hangs over this matter it. More and more rich life enticing human eating more meat, dairy products. Feed domestic animal has consumed most of the world cereal food, fresh water resources, also spent large amounts of chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

    It is important, in the United States, each hour there were more than 500,000 head of beast was slaughtered. Western diet and eat a lot of meat, milk, is not sustainable eating habits for the survival of Earth. It is estimated that the meat industry in the manufacture of carbon dioxide than the total carbon dioxide emissions in the transport industry is much higher in the world.Study noted that greenhouse gases greenhouse effect causes like earthquake, caused tsunamis, volcanic eruption of natural disasters.

    Worst is the ripple effect causing the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide threaten despair floored scientific expectations. Like ago Japan earthquake caused a tsunami which in turn cause damage to data Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station reactors lead in a release of radioactivity, tens of thousands of people in the disaster died, many survivors still bitter suffering live in fear.

    Experts warned that we should not use readily available resources for granted. In this advanced and in every society, we must increase the visibility of the future. Through human industry generated a total of serious natural disasters, we need to think about what we're doing anything possible impact Earth and in turn we can do. Society exists because we don't have to waste resources in exchange for economic progress and prosperity of the Earth an illusion