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夢兒 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


請高手幫幫忙 翻譯以下資料


杯瓶試驗:(1)以250CC的試杯,裝取原廢水請準備兩杯:一杯測試:聚合硫酸鐵(PFS)一杯測試:水場原使用混凝劑 (PAC/硫酸鋁)






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  • 9 年前

    Glass bottle test:· (1) try to 250CC Cup, packed prefer the wastewaterPlease prepare two cups:

    A glass test: polymeric ferric sulfate (PFS)

    A glass test: wet original used coagulants (PAC/sulfate)P.S: both pharmaceutical tests will immediately see results.

    (2) add coagulants:A: optional ㄧ Cup add polyferric sulfate (PFS) about 1C.C. dose. (Dose of about 0.6~1.2CC please test the discretion)

    B: control group using raw water coagulants (PAC/sulfate), dose added with the same PFS.

    C: fast after one minute of mixing, test the PH value.

    (3) Adjustment of PH value & add polymer gel to relieve:A: try the PFS-Cup, the measured PH value will be lower, as a result of removal of color and odor in the acid value works best. Try adding alkali to PH value reaches 6~7. Adding moderate negative Polymer (1CC)

    B: slow mix, appears larger when glue feathers, or stop slow mixing.

    (4) glue feathers after chemical treatment of water quality observations:A: try PFS plastic feather floating in the Cup, said too many doses, or PH is too low, please reduce dose or adding NaOH and then test.

    B: observations of two glasses of water is clear, strong glue feathers, deodorant.

    C: If in doubt, test may also be made by personnel of the company.

    (5) PFS (PFS) treated water quality & effects of sludge:

    Water does not contain two iron, water clear, aqueous phase is not transferred. Apart from high chroma and decoloring agent dosage reduction. Deodorant.

    Sludge moisture content low, without being incorporated with ferric chloride, can significantly reduce the cost of sludge dewatering

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