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請幫我修改英文文法 謝謝!!!!(20點)

1.Butthe electronic dictionary is not like human that can according to situation to translate a sentence correctly.It can only translate the sentence that already has in the word database.Therefore, sometimes we use electronic dictionary to translate a sentence is notquit correct.Electronic dictionary is electronic product. When the battery is dead you need tocharge it.


2.Tools: Mostlyis system setting , 可以以照你的喜好設定Electronic Dictionary.,比較特別的是PC Link,你可以用USB跟電腦連線將資料put in to Electronic Dictionary.


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  • 10 年前

    An electronic dictionary is not like human mind to judge the correct translation properly at all. It only shows the word from its database. Therefore, sometimes the translated sentences look odd and strange. Furthermore, due to it is an electronic product, you need to look out the power problem much more often. Most systems are setting already. You can set the enactment by your personal interest,especially PC Link. You also can use the USB to connect a computer to send the files into an electronic dictionary.