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as if 後面一定要接完整句嗎?


as if 後面一定要接有主詞+動詞+......的完整句子嗎?


像是: It is very comfortable as if lying on the grass.

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  • 8 年前

    Yes, "as if" needs to follow with a complete sentence. In addition, it needs to follow the same rule as "if" clause. That is, if the sentence after "as if" is not true, you need to replace the "present tense" be verb with "were", for examples:

    He acts as if he were infallible. (actually he is not, so you need to use "were")

    She behaves as if money were the problem (money is not a problem, she just acts like one)

    You cannot use a Ving to follow after "as if"

    By the way, "as if" is the same as "as though". However, "if" is not the same as "though".

    infallible = absolutely correct, absolutely reliable

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    However if the statement is true, then you don't need to follow "if" clause rule. Like "Cyrus"

    sentence. You don't need to change "is" to "were", because it is true.

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  • Louis
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    8 年前

    1) He talked as if he were an expoert in economics. (與現實不符的假設語氣,他不是經濟專家)

    You look as if you had seen a ghost.(與現實不符的假設語氣,你沒有見鬼)

    2) You talk as if you are angry. (你生氣應該是事實)

    3) Her guest suddenly sood up as if to leave.(as it可接不定詞)

    4) He paused as if expecting Lanny to speak. (as if 接分詞)

    Parents were torn from their homes to disappear forever as if swallowed up in death.


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    第四組例句出自趙振才著<英語常見問題大詞典>as if用法

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  • 呆子
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    8 年前

    主要與附屬子句主詞不一致,造成語意的混淆 ,稱為:Dangling participle ---------

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  • Ed
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    8 年前

    理論上 as if 後面必須接完整句子。但是當主要子句和從屬子句的主詞相同時,從屬子句的主詞和動詞可以省略。如 I feel very comfortable as if (I am) lying on the grass. 就可以省略。但是您的例句:It is very comfortable as if I am lying on the grass. 就不可以。

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  • 8 年前

    It is very comfortable as if lying on the grass.

    It is very comfortable as if lying on the grass.It在此句中是指代什麼? 沒有上下文的依據,個人是不會省略,因為會有造成語意的偏差,如He seems very comfortable as if (he is) lying on the grass.

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