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The experimental design employed in the current research imposes

limitations on its application, including participant population, credibility

and influence of information, products and product labeling. The

population of participants was relatively homogeneous. And, althoughthe results generally concur with existing literature, and in spite of the

results of Lusk et al. (2004) suggesting that student valuations are not

different than those of the general population, caution is thus advised in

applying the results to a wider population (e.g., consumers in general,

consumers over a larger geographic range). If financially feasible, engaging

a more diverse population to participate in a future study would

be helpful and would increase confidence in expanding applicability of

the results.

Because of the nature of the participating population, the products

used in the auction were limited to immediate consumables. There is no

evidentiary support that willingness to pay for such is representative of

the willingness to pay for other food products (e.g., pasta, bread, spaghetti

sauce). Using different products in future research would widen

the scope of findings. For example, a food category including healthful

foods may appeal to different market segments and considering such

may provide information about consumer demand of non-GM products

among those most likely to purchase them. Furthermore, Lusk et al.

suggest that conducting research in a retail environment may reduce

premiums for non-GM products when compared to studies conducted

among a more general population. The behavior of shoppers is likely of

more interest to marketing channel participants.

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