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USMC Force Recon

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    For further information, see United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalions#Mission.Two different mission types emerged during the Vietnam War, which are still implemented in the Force Reconnaissance motives today: Key Hole and Sting Ray. These practices subsequently became contemporary as "deep reconnaissance", or green operations; and "direct action", which are known as black operations.Key Hole patrols were designed purely around reconnaissance and surveillance; usually lightly equipped and armed with defensive weapons—evasive techniques were employed to break contact from the enemy should the need arise, avoiding contact with the enemy was paramount. Sting Ray operations were the exact opposite of Key Hole missions with goals more closely in line of offensive strikes, the FORECON operators were heavily armed and used artillery and/or naval gunfire support, if available.However, what began as a 'key hole' patrol could become a 'sting ray' patrol with little warning. The versatility of FORECON is demonstrated when missions quickly turn, planned or not, from a deep reconnaissance patrol to a direct action engagement.[2][edit] Green Operations A four-man team of Marines simulate in infiltrating a beachhead to gain information about the enemy and its adjacent beaches to help forecast a 'ship-to-shore' landing operation as seen in the 1985 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC image above (from right to left) Team Leader LCPl James Hurt, LCPL Lawrence Gentile, CPL Michael Norton and LCPL Samuel Marquet.—example of green operations.The principal mission of Force Recon is reconnaissance, to collect any pertinent intelligence of military importance, observe, identify and report adversaries to

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    USMC= United States Marine Corps =美國陸戰隊

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    Black Operations

    A team of operators from a direct action platoon (DAP) conduct 'Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure' (VBSS) training .....

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    during a Maritime Interdiction Operation (MIO) exercise.—example of black operations.Black operations are the missions that require direct action (DA). They are the opposite of green operations missions, where the Force Recon operators basically "look for trouble".



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