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    The Bourne Legacy(2012)神鬼傳承

    應該算是神鬼認證的外傳,由Jeremy Renner 傑瑞米雷納飾演一位隱匿身分的秘密探員,執行另一項任務,秘密探員的名字尚未決定(IMDB網站),劇情與小說也會有出入,而Matt Damon 麥特戴蒙將不會在該片中出現。這算不算是神鬼認證4?你自己決定吧!

    Matt Damon Talks 'The Bourne Legacy'

    Hey guys, thanks for checking back with Clevver movies, I'm Tatiana carrier and I've got the latest on The bourne legacy.

    Its official, Matt will NOT be involved in any more parts of the bourne franchise...which means one thing! Jeremy Renner will be picking up where Matt left off in The bourne legacy!"

    In a recent interview, damon responded to whether or not he would be involved in the bourne franchise, perhaps a cameo?...he said, ""No, no [you won't see me in the background of the new one]. I wish them well and Tony [Gilroy's] really smart. I'm sure they're going to be great."

    So if hes not making a cameo, what will he be doing instead? Well, the guy has a lot going on....for starters, contagion is opening this week and hes also focused on his newest project, "Elysium"...the super secret project coming from district 9 director neill blomkamp.

    Matt aslo mentioned for the movie he will be sporting a BALD head...and when asked WHY, he said, ""Ask Neil Blomkamp; he's a very visual guy and this was a part of his idea.".

    So its sadly confirmed, damon will not be making any appaearnaces in the newest bourne, but You can see him in theatres this weekend in contagion!

    So what do you guys think about this news? Sad you wont be seeing damon attached to the bourne franchise? Let us know by commenting below and keep it locked right here on clevver movies for more movie updates.