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To Fantastique

可以接近中文句子意思嗎? 因為這算是對自我個人評鑑

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  • 9 年前

    Implement lesson-learned from problem solving skills and so to strive for continuous perfection.

    Implement background knowledge in trading and provide satisfaction of customer service.

    Enforce knowledge of regulations and process in sea freight field.


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    參考資料: Fantastic
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    1 will deal with the problem occurred strive for perfection, the ability to do their best to do in case of error, the next special attention is no longer the same mistakes, keep in mind2 continue to strengthen the capacity deficiencies, improve the knowledge of the area of trade, to provide customers with the fastest processing services, reinforcing their knowledge of the rate of absorption3 sea areas of knowledge to develop and improve procedures to

    參考資料: 網路
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    1.I will try my best to solve any problem perfectly. Also, I will carefully avoid to make the same mistakes again.

    2. I will continually impove my weakness. I should increase my knowledge of international trade and spand short time to emphasize my professional knowledge for offering customers the most efficeint service.

    3. To cultivate the knowledge of the seaborne trade will brings up the efficacious process of international trade business.

  • 9 年前

    While I am solving problems, I will try my best to approach perfection. If there is any mistake, I would be cautious and remember not to repeat it again.

    I'll continue improving my weakness, increase knowledge of business field, provide customers the most efficient service, raise my pace in learning professional knowledge.

    The development of the knowledge in seaborne. Brings up the direction of the process.