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英文文章─Describing people

請問大家哪裡有關於描寫人物特徵 的網站,我需要它的出處來源喔!

儘量以描寫臉部特徵 為主,如果文章內容能有好的字彙 或片語 會更好!


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  • PONY
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    1. hair length/colorIs it long, shoulder-length, or short? Does this person wear a distinct hairstyle? What colour is their hair?

    2. Eyebrows: Are their eyebrows thick or thin, light or dark? Do they have small eyes or large eyes? Are they deep-set or bulgy? Are they almond-shaped or round? Do they have long, thick, curly lashes, or are they sparse, straight or short?

    3. Nose: The person's nose can be almost any shape or size. Is it long or short, turned up or hooked? Is it wide or narrow?

    4. Mouth: Is the mouth wide or small? Does the person have full lips or thin lips, and is their cupid's-bow on top very defined?5. Notice any distinctive features, such as a mole or birthmark, even a scar or tattoo.6. What body shape does this person have? Are they tall or short, plump, average, stout or lanky? Do they have proportionately long arms or legs?請參:


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