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克里斯 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

英文翻譯 Goldmann的思想

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Goldmann here restates and elaborates on his thesis: “Thus the two structures, that of an important fictional genre and that of exchange proved to be strictly homologous, to the point at which one might speak of one and the same structure manifesting itself on two different planes. Furthermore, as we shall see later, the evolution of the fictional form that corresponds to the world of reification can be understood only in so far as it is related to a homologous history of the structure of reification”. In other words, we can only understand the evolution of the novel if we understand the structure of reification in the real world.

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  • George
    Lv 5
    8 年前

    法國批評家呂西安‧高德曼(Lucien Goldmann)於此重述他的理論並詳加解說:「因此,這兩個結構──一個重要小說類型結構和交換結構──證明是完全同源(homologous),以至於只要提到其中一個,相同結構即可在兩個不同平面上自行表露。此外,我們稍後可看到,符合具體化世界的小說形式的演進,只有在它是與具體化結構的同源歷史相關,我們才能理解。」換言之,只有當我們了解真實世界裡的具體化結構,我們才能了解小說的演進。

    參考資料: 個人十年以上翻譯經驗
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