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編號9527 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

[英文自我介紹] 請高手幫我修正正確的文法~~20點

I was born in Nantou,which is a beatuty place, and I love my hometown. Pepole live there arevery friendly, I guess that makes affect to my personality, I’m friendly too! Now I’m a student of University. I expext someday I willbe a Top modle. But what is moreimportant for me is my academic degree. I’ll go first to complete myschoolworks and then later pursuit my dream. I won’t be flinch, eventhough I realize so many difficult have to face. But I still not cange my mind! And I believe Love.Love is encompass varirty of type. Like family love,friendship, human relationship, pet and owner’s love…, and so on. If world has no love,we will not survive to the present, this moment. Love is an important spiritualpillar of Humanity, that’s why people say: ”Love is power.” I like to go shopping. My leisure time is alwaysto go shopping, but I want to explain shopping is not necessarily to spent yourmoney. It can be just likehang out and watch what recent fashion style. Although sometimes unable tocontrol the desire of spend money. If you have otherthings want to know about me, please do free for ask me.

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  • 9 年前

    1."which is a beatuty place" , 英文好像沒有 "beatuty" 這個字耶~

    我在想你是不是要打 "beauty" ? 不過就算你打 "beauty" 也不對喔!因為 "place" 是名詞,名詞前要接形容詞,但 "beauty" 是名詞,所以你應該要用 "beauty" 的形容詞 "beautiful". 所以應該打 "which is a beautiful place" .

    2. "I guess that makes affect to my personality" , "affect" 是可數名詞,可數名詞不能單獨出現,所以 "affect" 前應該要加 "an" ,所以應該打 "I guess that makes an affect to my personality"

    3."Now I’m a student of University" , 這句文法沒有錯,不過"大學生"的說法還有 "undergraduate" ,或是 "college student" 或 "university student" .

    4. "I won’t be flinch" , "flinch" 這個詞是動詞喔! 動詞的前面不能再加一般動詞或be動詞,所以應該打 "I won’t flinch" 才對

    5."I realize so many difficult have to face" , 首先, "difficult" 是形容詞,但 "many" 的後面要接名詞,,所以你應該要打 "difficult" 的名詞 "difficulty" ,變成"I realize so many difficulty have to face" . 然後,這句我建議你打"I realize there are so many difficulty I have to face",這樣打感覺比較順暢

    6. "Love is encompass varirty of type" , "encompass" 是動詞,前面講過動詞前不能再加be動詞,還有,英文裡好像沒有"varirty" 這ㄍ字唷!你應該是要打"variety"吧??所以這句應打 "Love encompasses variety of type"

    7. "If world has no love" , "world"是可數名詞,不能單獨出現,所以前面應該要加the,變成 "If the world has no love"

    8."My leisure time is alwaysto go shopping" ,這句打的非常不順暢ㄋ= =首先,這句ㄉ主詞應該是"我",因為逛街的人是"我",但你這樣打主詞就變成"My leisure time " 了,感覺很怪@@ 這句建議你打"I always go shopping in my leisure time",這樣打比較順暢,

    9."shopping is not necessarily to spent yourmoney. " ,首先, "necessarily" 是副詞,副詞是用來形容形容詞或一般動詞的,但你這裡是要用來形容"shopping"吧!"shopping" 是名詞,要形容名詞的話就要用形容詞,所以應該打"necessarily"的形容詞"necessary",還有,"to" 的後面要接原型動詞,但"spent"是"spend"的過去式喔!所以應該要打原型"spend", 然後,這整句打ㄉ也有點不順暢,建議你打"it is not necessary to spend your money when you go shopping"

    10."It can be just likehang out and watch what recent fashion style" ,

    "like" 後面不能接原型動詞,只能接名詞或動名詞,所以應該打"It can be just like hanging out and watching what recent fashion style"

    ㄜ...我打ㄉ字數要超過上限ㄌ= =還有幾點要告訴你但不能再打ㄌ= =


    參考資料: me~
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