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有關電影(2012) - 中文翻譯英文

描述2012年發生應驗預言 --- 世界末日。一位印度的科學家發現了一個可怕的事實,由於太陽活動,觸發地幔異變,導致地殼結構劇烈變化。這位科學家將事情告訴美國政府。多國政府立即展開應變措施,但同時對全世界市民保密。有一天傑克森帶他的子女前往黃石公園旅遊,發現湖泊乾涸,而這個地區也已經成為政府的秘密地質監測設施。傑克森從一位私營電台主持人,得知關於政府對世界末日應變計畫和情報。傑克森與親人設法逃離因地殼劇變而沒入海中的加州時,和想辦法去中國乘坐方舟,渡過這次危機。


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    Describe 2012 fulfilled prophecy---End of the world.

    One of India's scientists have discovered a terrible fact, due to solar activity triggered variation of the mantle, leading to crustal structure changed dramatically. The scientist will tell the United States Government. Governments to immediately expand contingency measures, but at the same time on public security throughout the world. Jackson with his children to go to Yellowstone National Park one day tour, discover Lakes dried up, and this area has become the Government's secret geological monitoring facilities. Jackson from a private radio station host, learn about the Government's contingency plan for the end of the world and intelligence. Jackson family tried to flee when California into the ocean due to the drastic changes in the Earth's crust, and try to go to China by the Ark to survive the crisis.

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    Described occurred in 2012 --- doomsday predictions come true.

    An Indian scientist discovered a terrible truth, due to solar activity, trigger mantle mutation, leading to dramatic changes in crustal structure. The scientist will tell what the U.S. government. Many governments immediately contingency measures, but the people of the world's security. One day Jackson with his children to Yellowstone National Park tourism, found that the lake dried up, and this region has become the government's secret geological monitoring facilities. Jackson from a private radio host, on the end of the world to know about contingency plans for the government and intelligence. Jackson managed to escape with their loved ones and not due to drastic changes in Earth's crust in California into the sea when, and try to take the Ark to China, through this crisis.