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神 曾 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

超急 求英文高手幫我中翻英!!!!







年少時對於愛敢愛敢恨勇於表達,但隨著年紀,那份少年時的純愛讓他開始害怕世俗的眼光,反而不敢面對自己內心深處真正的情感。 如果當時他沒有遲疑的伸出手,取代冷漠神情的是一個深深的擁抱,在她耳邊輕輕告訴她我原諒妳了,也許漢娜就不會自殺了。

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    Why did Michael see Hannah cried after the dependents?

    No mention of survivors which Michael explained that he help her deal with only some of the things

    In recent years she kept the money. Sent to concentration camps to escape from before the little girl

    Because Hannah in prison camps have read some books. Before she learned how to do his cruel. Before she was illiterate so many things that do not know. Think that this is a matter of course. Just do his share of the work only, but after reading these books, she came to understand everything

    I think Michael cry because he go there only to find that she was still in love with Hannah, but failed to express, maybe then, after he learned he was not only the sympathy there is atonement Hannah sense of place in his heart she has been a seat, also has been a quiet young when he was in love with Hannah, but he has been reluctant to face.

    For youth, the courage to express love Ganaiganhen, but with age, share of youth, of pure love so that he began to fear that the secular vision, but did not dare to face his true feelings deep inside. If He did not hesitate to reach out to replace the cold look of a deep embrace, in her ear gently told her that I forgive you, and also Xu Hanna would not have committed suicide.

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