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早期研究 The attempts of the earlier researchers, along the same lines as this study, can in a broad sense be grouped two categories; hierarchical or interaction views on MNEs and political actors. In the first group, researchers like Ahmed et al. and Miller elaborate thoughts on hierarchical power of the political institutions and firms’ adaptive action concerning political risk which then turns to risk management. A large number of researchers in political science also adopt the hierarchical view. In this view, the socio-political units gain their power from their legitimacy in the market that they achieve through establishing a trustworthy position.Implicitly, firms demonstrate their commitment by their actions in terms of management of risk, risk in international operations, development of structures to fit with the regulations or corporate structure. Researchers in this field are uncomfortable with the views concerning relationship mutuality.

Researchers concentrating on governance, problems when encountering rules, impact of governance on competition and heteroge-neity of the firms’ and industrial policy question the hierarchical power of political units and are more reliant on behavior theory. They elaborate concepts like political legitimacy and proclaim the dependency of political actors on the other actors in the surrounding region, like business firms and people.

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    早些時候的研究人員,作為這項研究,同樣的嘗試,可以廣泛的意義上講是分組的兩類 ;分層或跨國公司和政治行動者的互動意見。第一組中,研究者們喜歡 et al.艾哈邁德和米勒精心思考政治機構和企業的自我調整行動關於政治風險,然後轉向風險管理電源分層。一大批政治科學研究人員還採用的層次結構視圖。在此視圖中,社會和政治的單位獲得他們的力量,從其合法性的市場,他們實現通過建立一個可信賴的位置。隱式,公司以自己的行動的風險,結構更符合法規或公司結構的發展國際業務,在風險管理的角度證明了他們的承諾。關於相互關係的意見,在這一領域的研究人員是不舒服。

    集中治理的研究人員,對競爭和 heteroge-neity 的公司治理問題時遇到的規則,影響和產業政策問題的政治單位,更依賴行為理論層次力量。他們像政治合法性概念的詳細說明,並宣佈對周邊地區、 企業和人民像其他演員的政治行動者的從屬關係。

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