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These tunnels,which were first constructed in the 1940s,formed an underground city with many benefits for the Vietcong during the Vietnam war. The soldiers and villagers often hid in them during the war. Messages and supplies were usually delivered via the tunnels. Even underground hospitals were construsted to help the wounded. Large amounts of food and weapons were amassed in these secret places. The kitchens and wells could provide food for over ten thousand soldiers and villagers. These tunnels became their homes. During this time,schools were created in the tunnels,children were born in the hospitals,and entertainers would give performances for those living underground. The tunnels became a virtual city and whole populations of towns would live and hide in them while the American troops were marching above ground-these troops had no idea that whole towns existed below their feet. By the 1960s the tunnels were three levels deep and contained fully functioning societies in their depths.


The local villagers would dig out the tunnels by hand,making a progress of about one or two meters a day. They would transport the dirt into craters made by bombs the Americans had dropped close by.

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Vents were installed in order to detect the activity of the Americans above them qand to allow the smoke to exit the tunnels when cooking. The villagers also built bamboo stake booby traps to maim or kill the American soldiers.

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    這兩條隧道,首先在 1940 年代建造,在越南戰爭期間越共成立地下城有很多好處。士兵和村民們經常躲在他們在戰爭期間。郵件和用品通常通過隧道。即使地下醫院是 construsted,説明受傷的人。大量的食物和武器都積累了這些秘密的地方。整體廚房和井可提供超過一萬士兵和村民的食物。這些隧道成了他們的家園。在此期間,在隧道中創建學校、 兒童出生醫院,和演藝人員會給那些生活在地下的表演。隧道成為一個虛擬的城市和整個城鎮的人口將生活和隱藏它們時,美國部隊指揮所行軍以上這些地面部隊的一無所知,他們的腳下存在的整個城鎮。20 世紀 60 年代的隧道深了三個級別,包含完全正常的社會,在它們的深處。2011-11-29 1:09:57 補充當地村民會挖出隧道手工製作進度約一天一個或兩個米。他們將到美國關閉下降了炸彈坑交通污垢。2011-11-29 1:10:07 補充為了檢測到上面這些美國人的活動以便烹調時退出隧道煙 qand 安裝了通風口。村民們也建竹股權誘殺致殘或殺死美國士兵。