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1. 類似像hustle and bustle, huff and puff 這種有押韻的片語

2. 類似像over and over 這種有疊字的片語

3. 類似像day and night 這種有相反詞的片語

愈完整愈好,並且要註明中文意思喲, 謝謝!


Hi, Master "chen",

After reading your message, it confused me! Your definition about "rhyme" is completely different from what I've known. I consult my dictionary and online dictionary, none of the definitions about "rhyme" is as the same as what you said.

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The following is part of what I found:


1. identity in sound of some part, especially the end, of words or lines of verse.

2. a word agreeing with another in terminal sound: Find is a rhyme for mind and womankind.

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3. verse or poetry having correspondence in the terminal sounds of the lines.

Could you tell me where the source of your definition comes from?

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  • PONY
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    9 年前

    1. 押韻類

    topsy-turvy (adv.; adj.; n.) 顛倒地;亂七八糟地

    Relyea and colleagues have turned those earlier results topsy-turvy.

    I meant to call you back, but things have been topsy-turvy around here. surf and turf (n.) 海陸總匯主菜 (海鮮和肉類均有的一道料理)Man I'm starving too, I think I'll go for the Surf and Turf.(Sb looks) half and half (adj.) 像貌平平(不醜也不美)(比例各半)dirt and dust 塵與土nuts and bolts (事物的)根本explicit and implicit 明確和不明確的convergent and divergent 聚集和分歧的first and foremost 第一和最好的debt and deficit 債務和虧損just and unjust 正義和不正義boom-and-bust (經濟)繁榮與蕭條交替循環die a dog’s death=to die like a doglead (a person) a dog’s life 過困苦的生活face to face 面對面;hand in hand攜手一齊 2. 重疊類around (round) and around; over and over; again and again; more and more; less and less; on and on; closer and closer; faster and faster; better and better; further and further; harder and harder; deeper and deeper; longer and longer; through and through; by and by; up and up; down and down; time and time; cry and cry; build and build 3. 對比類

    up and down; back and forth; here and there; in and out; once and for all; here and now; on and off; inside and out; then and there; loud and clear; to and fro; directly and indirectly; physically and mentally;time and again; forever and ever; above and below; safe and sound; here and elsewhere; first and then; life and death; ups and downs; bits and pieces; strengths and weakness; pros and cons; trial and error; rise and fall; theory and practice; costs and benefits; war and peace; come and go; wait and see; buy and sell; rise and fall; give and take; mix and match; live and die; now and then; here and there; now or never; forward and backward; positive and negative; word and deed; inward and outward; bad and good; foreground and background; belief and disbelief; left and right; past and present (current); east and west; first and last; credit and debit

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    4. 不屬上述的其它類 (經常連用)

    Oldest and largest; short and fat; jacket and shirt, development and refinement;

    2011-12-04 13:56:34 補充:

    important and significant; support and protect; stiff and aloof; pick and choose; go and get; hope and pray; relax and enjoy; develop and implement;

    2011-12-04 13:56:44 補充:

    go and look; look and see; cold and hard; pure and simple; fame and fortune; crime and violence; size and scope; taste and texture; once and future

    總之,2-4 這三類,繁不及備載,也望文生義,真有不解處或哪些用法需更多例句,請再提出。

  • 老登
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    9 年前

    Chen master + 1 !

    Good job.

  • chen
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    9 年前

    1. 類似像hustle and bustle, huff and puff 這種有押韻的片語

    Sink or swim 聽天由 命罷 Heart to heart 誠實的

    All in once 一次所有 Back and forth 來來回回地

    Rock and roll 搖滾樂 Match- matchs 天生一對

    Ok - ok 對 好 Long long go 很 久以前

    Part and pacer 重要部份

    2. 類似像over and over 這種有疊字的片語

    Side by side 並肩 一起 Step by step 逐步地

    Out and out 徹底的 All in all 總之

    3. 類似像day and night 這種有相反詞的片語

    Up and down 起伏變化的 One after another 接二連三

    Back and forth 來來回回地 Live and learn 活到老學到老

    Once and again 再一次 The ins and the outs于迴曲折

    Lady and gentleman 女士 先生們 on and off 斷斷續續地

    Sudder and wiser 更加哀傷和更加明智

    trick or treat 不請吃就搗蛋"(指萬聖節孩子們挨家逐 戶要糖果等...

    2011-12-01 17:15:48 補充:

    over and above 在...之外

    aid and abet 同謀

    answer and question 問與答

    2011-12-02 15:28:59 補充:

    類似 這種有押韻

    all at once •突然

    black ivory black 黑象牙墨

    back track 後面軌道

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    [Rhymes] which are included

    . Near rhymes Synonyms Definitions Homophones

    . Same consonants Related


    [韻] 其中包括有 近押韻,同義詞,釋義,同音

    。 相同的輔音,相關等等

    2011-12-03 19:34:51 補充:


    Ring the bell , All very well , Much of a muchness,

    Too much , Over and over . Back-end fee 等等

    參考資料: S.H. Chen 系統工程師的居酒屋