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第一修築與整治河道是最快速的方法。這個方法也是最古老最常用的措施。我們可以將河面加寬或是河道截彎取直。這些都能有效的降低洪水位與增加河水的排水能力。但是截彎取直工程也會造成河川生態格局。因為它改變原有地形地貌,也改變了河川的長和寬度,使得河川棲息地之機能受到衝擊。第二在中上游處建築大型水庫也是治水的重要方法。建築水壩有很多的優點包含發電,灌溉,養殖,防洪,減少下游河川淤積。水庫除了可以防洪外也可以儲水調解流水量,並且利用水資源發電,是近代河流開發中普遍採取的方法。但是也有許多缺點包含有建築成本過高,破壞中下游自然生態,還要淹沒大量的土地,甚至人口遷移。 第三由根本做起,做好山林水土保持。我們可以在山丘地區廣泛的種植數木或是嚴厲禁止集水區的濫墾濫伐,來減少大量雨水瞬間帶來的水患。長期人為的過度開發,只為了當前的利益,卻不顧破壞水土的後果,這也是造成水患的原因之一。政府在法律上的嚴格規定再加上強而有力的執行力。其實就是最長久也是最經濟的治水方法。



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    The first construction and river training is the fastest method. This method is the oldest and most commonly used measures. We can widen the river or the river straightened. These can effectively reduce the flood level and increase the river's drainage capacity. However, straightened river project will result in ecological pattern. Because it changes the existing topography, but also changed the river's length and width, making the river habitats of the functions affected.

    The second major building in the upstream flood control reservoirs are also an important method. Dam construction has many advantages including power generation, irrigation, farming, flood control, reduce downstream river siltation. In addition to flood control reservoir water outside mediation can also be the amount of water, and use of water power, is common in modern river development approach. But there are many disadvantages include the high cost of a building, damage to downstream natural ecology, but also flooded large areas of land, or even migration.

    The third from the start with the fundamentals, good forest soil and water conservation. We can grow a wide range of areas in the hills or the number of trees is strictly prohibited catchment Overused, to reduce the amount of rain caused flooding in the moment. Over the long-term human development, only to current interests, but regardless of the consequences of damage to soil and water, which is one of the reasons causing flooding. Strict government regulations in the law coupled with strong execution. In fact, the longest and most economical method of flood control.

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