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英文高手 幫忙翻譯一下 (中翻英) 很急

1.下列哪一項是山坡地重要的作物? (A)水稻(B)茶(C)甘蔗(D)蓮藕。2.負責調查、糾正行政機關的部門是下列哪一個? (A)行政院(B)立法院(C)監察院(D)司法院。

3.0屏東縣 東港鎮的「燒王船」,原來是為了驅逐瘟疫而發展出來的祈福活動。



英文高手幫忙翻譯一下 希望在4點前有解 拜託

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    1 Which of the following is a hillside important crop? (A) rice (B) Tea (C) sugar cane (D) lotus root.

    (2) to investigate and correct the executive department is which of the following? (A) the Executive Yuan (B) the Legislative Yuan (C) Control Yuan (D) Judicial Yuan.

    3.0 Tungkang of "burning the king boat", was originally developed for the expulsion of the plague and pray activities.

    4 Ancient military use of pie, a secret military intelligence transmission, operations after the victory, the reward pie as Mid-Autumn Festival.

    5 Taiwan's property which is divided into five categories? A:

    Agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry, mining.

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    1. which of the following is an important crop hillside? (A) rice (b) tea (c) sugar cane (d) of Lotus.

    2. the Department is investigating, correct administrative authorities which of the following? (A) the Executive Yuan (b) Legislative Yuan, (c) the Control Yuan (d) the Court of justice.

    3 Pingtung donggang Taiwan "burning ship" turned out to be blessing developed activities in order to expel plagues.

    4. the ancient military use of pie, passed secret military, troops, after the victory, pie become Mid-Autumn Festival of reward.

    5. Taiwan product is divided into five main categories? Answer:

    Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry and mining.